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Disable or limit the Recent Items list in the Attach File menu

When I attach a file, I get list of recent files that also includes movies and songs and other items that I will never email. Most of them are too big to attach anyway.

Is there any way to filter the Recent Items list, limit the amount of files being shown there or get rid of it completely?

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Create a Desktop shortcut to an Outlook folder

I’ve been using Outlook since forever and I remember that I used to be able to create Desktop shortcuts to Outlook folders simply by dragging a folder out of Outlook and onto my Desktop (or any other folder in Explorer). This allowed me to quickly go to or open Outlook in a specific folder.

When I try do this now, my mouse pointer turns into a blocked shield.

Is it still possible to create Desktop shortcuts to specific Outlook folders in another way?

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Favorites section missing in the Navigation Pane

I’m not sure what I did but at the top of my folder list, I used to have a section where I could put in my favorite folders.

How can I get back this favorite folders section?

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Create an Outlook Task task for a Word document

In my previous tip I showed how you can quickly create a new task for any document or file that you are working on.

But did you know that if this happens to be a Word document, you can create an Outlook Task for this document directly from within Word as well?

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Disable grouping by Today, Yesterday, Week etc…

All my messages are automatically grouped by Today, Yesterday, Monday, Tuesday, Last Week, 2 Weeks Ago, Last Month, etc…

How can I set Outlook to show all my mail as a plain list without this grouping?

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Quickly send copied text and files by pasting

Who doesn’t like to copy and paste to get something done quicker? In Outlook, you can even paste something faster than you may think.

This is another one of my favorite “hidden features” in Outlook which allows you to send copied text or files without first creating a new message.

The trick is really simple and it will sure raise some eyebrows from people not familiar with it and who doesn’t like to do that every now and then? ;-)

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Move messages automatically after marking them as Read

I’d like to organize my emails into separate folders automatically but only after I’ve read them.

How do I create such a message rule?

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Print a Calendar with Appointment and Meeting Notes

I’m trying to print my Calendar but also want to include the (short) notes that are written in the message section of the Appointments and Meetings itself.

When printing the Calendar, there is a Notes field but it remains blank.

How can I print my Calendar with the notes that I’ve written for the Appointments and Meetings?

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Metered network warning and Outlook not connecting automatically

I’m using various Internet connection methods for my laptop depending on where I am. For instance I use:

  • Shared LAN via a network cable
  • Wifi/WLAN via an access station
  • 3G/4G via a USB dongle

On some connections I get a metered network warning and Outlook doesn’t connect automatically to save costs. As I have Outlook running in the background, I often don’t even notice and miss my notifications.

How can I force Outlook to always connect regardless of the connection type?

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Office 365 and cloud based sharing and synching

I’m using Office 365 but I seem unable to share and sync my mail, calendar and contact items between multiple computers even though I’m allowed to install it on up to 5 devices.

I was told that Office 365 was “Cloud Based” and I’m signed in with my Microsoft Account to Office, so shouldn’t I be able to do this?

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