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Close email automatically after replying

I prefer to read emails by opening them in their own window rather than using the Reading Pane.

Whenever I press Reply, Outlook opens a new message window but the original message is still left open as well and needs to be closed manually after I sent my reply.

As I often switch between applications while writing a message, this opened message gets “hidden” behind other windows and I end up with many opened message windows by the end of the day.

Is there a way to automatically close these windows when I reply?

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Your Out of Office settings cannot be displayed

When clicking on the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) button, I get the following error:

Your Out of Office settings cannot be displayed, because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later.

I’m pretty sure that the server is available since I can still send and receive emails.

How do I correct this error so I can turn the OOF on and off again via Outlook?

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Change the default Calendar folder

When I switch to the Calendar Navigation (CTRL+2), I see multiple Calendars listed for the various accounts that I have.

However, new meeting requests which I receive do not always get added to the Calendar of that account.

For instance, meeting requests I receive for my personal POP3 account get added the Calendar folder of my Exchange account from work.

How can I set the default Calendar to be the one of my POP3 Calendar?

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Recover a single folder or message from backup

I’ve accidentally deleted a message which I liked to keep and since I have Outlook set to empty delete the Deleted Items folder upon closing Outlook, I can’t restore it from there anymore either.

I do make frequent backups of my pst-file, however, I do not want to lose any of my new emails which I’ve received or sent since creating that backup.

Is there any way to recover just that single message or the folder containing the message from my backup?

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Double new email and calendar notifications on Windows 8

For some of my new emails, I receive multiple new email alerts. These alerts come at the same time or within seconds from each other.

When I check in Outlook, I can see that I only received the message once. I also have no rules configured in Outlook to display a New Mail Alert for certain messages.

How can I get rid of these double alerts?

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Find out when a message was deleted

Upon checking my Deleted Items folder, I came across some emails which should not have been deleted.

I’m now trying to find out how this happened and knowing when it got deleted would be a huge help.

Is there any way to determine when a message got deleted?

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Sharing or forwarding lots of emails to someone

I’m leaving a project and therefor need to transfer the email history, some including attachments, of that project to someone else.

Is there a way to do this without having to forward them individually?

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Search Folders show in italics and become inactive

I have a couple of Search Folders configured such as for “Unread Mail” and “For Follow Up” and they usually work great.

Unfortunately, sometimes these Search Folders stop from updating and show in italics. I then need to click on them to reactivate them.

Why is this happening and how can I keep my Search Folders active?

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Facebook connector missing in Outlook 2013

In Outlook 2010, I used to be connected to Facebook via the Outlook Social Connector. I wanted to do this in Outlook 2013 as well but the Facebook connector isn’t listed as an option anymore.

When I clicked on “Connect to another social network”, I’m being taken to a website which says that the Facebook Connector is included in Office.

Obviously, it is not for me. How can I add Facebook to Outlook 2013?

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Adding Holidays to an Calendar

I’ve been looking for an option to add a Holiday Calendar to just like there is an option to add a Birthday Calendar. I haven’t found out how to do it though.

Is there a way to add a Holiday Calendar to my Calendar as well?

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