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Password protect startup of an Outlook Mail Profile

I want to prevent unauthorized access to my emails.

Is there any way I can password protect the entire Outlook Mail Profile so people will be prompted for a password when opening Outlook?

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Outlook closes on minimize

Every time when I minimize Outlook, it closes.

How can I keep Outlook open when I minimize it?

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Follow Up Flags and Reminders for IMAP accounts

I’m trying to set a reminder on a message but I only have the option to flag it or to clear the flag. There are no options such as Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, etc… which I’m supposed to get.

This might have something to do with the fact that I’m using a IMAP account.

Is there still a way to mark my messages for follow up or at least get them to show up as a Task in my To-Do Bar?

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Changing time and date display settings

The date on my emails is now dd/mm/yyyy, but I want it to be mm/dd/yyyy. Also, I want Outlook to use a 24 hour clock rather than the AM/PM format.

Where do I change the time and date format?

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Disable Conversation View in Outlook on the Web, OWA or

I don’t really like Conversation View and how it groups the emails together as it requires additional clicks to get to a specific message within the conversation.

Also, I couldn’t find back a message which I received last week only to find it back under “Yesterday” under a different “From” name of someone who replied later.

How do I disable Conversation View in OWA?

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Changing the business hours and days for a Work Week in the Calendar

When I look at my calendar, I see 24 hours and a section between 8AM and 5PM in a different color for Monday to Friday. I assume that these are standard business working hours for most people, but they are not for me.

  • Is there a way to change this highlighted section to match my own working hours?
  • Additionally, could I also hide all the other hours?
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Search Results can’t be moved or Categorized and Categories column isn’t shown

I heavily rely on the Search feature within Outlook to efficiently triage my emails. However, something appears to have been changed to how Search works. For instance;

  • When I move messages from my Search results to a different folder, this isn’t directly reflected in the Search results anymore (when sorted by folder).
  • Mailbox wide searches are always sorted by date instead of by folder.
  • The Categories column isn’t shown even though it is added to the View.
  • Categories are shown when the message is opened in the Reading Pane but I can’t remove them.

How I can I return Outlook’s Search behavior back to the way it was before?

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Internet message header in Outlook on the Web, OWA and

I know how to get the Internet message header in Outlook to check the origin and other sender and routing details of a received message, but is there also a way to see them when using Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

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Mailbox size and Exchange quota

I’m using an Exchange account.

Is there any way to find out what my current mailbox size on the server is and what my mailbox size limit is set to?

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Removing Calendars from the Navigation Pane

When I switch to the Calendar Navigation, I see a long list of Calendars which I’ve opened previously. These are grouped under “Shared Calendars”.

I’d like to clean up this list since some of these people do no longer work here or I simply no longer need to access their Calendars anymore.

How do I remove these additional Calendars from the Navigation Pane?

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