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Show if a Read Receipt is being requested or not

Every now and then I receive an email message which requests me to send a Read Receipt. While I don’t mind sending one, sometimes the timing is a bit unfortunate.

For instance, when I work late at night or quickly check my email during the holiday. Also, for one mailbox I’m only a delegate and I do not want to send out the Read Receipt for my manager.

Is there a method to easily see beforehand if an email holds a Read Receipt request or some way to send out the Read Receipt at a later time?

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Show more calendar months in the Date Navigator

There is a little monthly calendar in Outlook’s To-Do Bar and also within the Calendar Navigation itself where you can click on a date and then it will open up your calendar at this date.

This is very useful to me but when nearing the end of the month, it is becoming less useful as less future dates become visible.

Is there any way that I can set it to show more months?

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Opening Outlook or restoring the Outlook window with a keyboard shortcut

Is there any way I can quickly open Outlook via a keyboard shortcut or switch back to Outlook when it is already running?

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Alerts and overviews for newly received emails

Whenever I receive a new email message in my Inbox, I can see the envelope icon in my Notification Area. So far so good.

However, it doesn’t reveal how many new emails I have received nor does it show when I receive a message in a folder other than the Inbox. Having that information would really help me, especially when I’m away from my desk for a while.

Is there a way to get these alerts regardless of which folder a message has been received in?

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OWA features broken with latest Chrome update

I’m using Google Chrome as my default browser but after installing the latest update of Chrome (currently version 37), I find several features within Outlook Web App (OWA) to be no longer functioning.

Some of these features are:

  • Opening the Address Book (either via the icon or pressing on To, CC or BCC).
  • Attaching files.
  • Inserting pictures.
  • Typed hyperlinks duplicate after hitting spacebar or enter.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Cancelling Exchange password prompt still shows all my e-mails

I’ve set my Exchange account to “Always prompt for logon credentials” thinking that it would prevent people from being able to get to my messages.

However, I’ve noticed that when you simply click on “Cancel” when getting the password prompt, Outlook still shows all my messages.

How can I password protect my Exchange mailbox?

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View non-adjacent days/weeks side by side

Sometimes when discussing a date for an appointment, the days are not in the same week and I find myself going back and forth within the calendar to find a suitable time.

Is there any way I can capture these days in a single overview?

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Outlook and Two-Step Verification for iCloud

With the recent news about iCloud accounts being compromised, I was investigating what I can do against this myself.

You mentioned that and Gmail accounts can be protected with Two-Step Verification.

Can I do the same for my iCloud account in Outlook?

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Automatically request a Read Receipt when sending to a specific address

I know that I can set the option to request for a Read Receipt for all messages or to set it on a per-message basis. However, I only want to set it when sending to certain people.

For instance, I only want to request a Read Receipt when sending to my boss, the HR department and some project managers.

Is there a way to have Outlook automatically ask for a Read Receipt if an email is sent to a specific email address rather than needing to set this manually?

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Show total unread item count of collapsed folders

I’m organizing my emails into various subfolders which have subfolders of their own again. In addition, I’m using rules to automatically move messages to their corresponding folder.

Usually I keep this folder structure collapsed but then I can’t see if a message arrived in any of these subfolders. Even these folder trees are expanded, I would have to scroll in order to see them all.

Is there a way to make the parent folder show the combined amount of unread items in any of the subfolders?

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