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Mailbox size and Exchange quota

I’m using an Exchange account.

Is there any way to find out what my current mailbox size on the server is and what my mailbox size limit is set to?

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Removing Calendars from the Navigation Pane

When I switch to the Calendar Navigation, I see a long list of Calendars which I’ve opened previously. These are grouped under “Shared Calendars”.

I’d like to clean up this list since some of these people do no longer work here or I simply no longer need to access their Calendars anymore.

How do I remove these additional Calendars from the Navigation Pane?

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Jump List Tasks for Outlook’s Taskbar shortcut are missing

This morning, I right clicked on the Outlook shortcut on my Taskbar, wanting to create a new email message, only to find out that all the Jump List Tasks to create a new email, appointment, etc… are missing.

I’ve recreated my Outlook shortcut and also done a Repair on my Office installation but the tasks are still missing.

How do I get the Jump List Tasks for Outlook back?

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New Appointment defaults to All Day Event

When I create a new appointment in my Calendar, it defaults to creating an “All day event” and doesn’t allow me to schedule a time unless I untick the “All day event” checkbox.

What do I need to change so that the new appointments don’t have the “All day event” checkbox selected by default?

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AutoCorrect and text formatting support

When adding an AutoCorrect entry, I noticed that there is an option for “Plain text” and “Formatted text”. However, this option is greyed out and defaults to “Plain text”.

How can I enable this option is order to store AutoCorrect entries with formatting?

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Reminders support for folders in archives and additional pst-files

I’m storing a couple of my Outlook folders outside of my default mailbox (inside a separate pst-file). When I flag messages in this folder and add a reminder I get the following error;

“The reminder for “<subject>” will not appear because the item is in a folder that doesn’t support reminders. Is this OK?”

How can I add reminder support to this folder?

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Play a custom New Mail sound for specific contacts

When I receive an email from a certain contact, can I get a different “New Email” sound than the default?

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Putting the Navigation Bar back in the Folder Pane in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016

In Outlook 2016, there is this huge gray bar at the bottom which lists (in a very big font) Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks, etc… to switch to their corresponding folder.

In previous versions of Outlook, they were listed as icons within the pane on the left which also displays all your folders.

I liked this configuration better as this was a lot smaller and therefor allows for more space to display the message list and also gives me a larger Reading Pane area.

Is there any way to put it back there and gain back some of this wasted space?

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Junk E-mail marked as Not Junk getting marked as Junk again

I’m using Outlook on multiple computers which apparently is causing a problem with the Junk E-mail filter.

On one computer, which I use daily, I’ve taken all the false positives out of my Junk E-mail folder and back into my Inbox or other folders.

When I’m traveling, I’m using a laptop but when it collects all my emails since the last time I used it (which can be for over a week), it rescans all the emails that are being synced and most false positives end up in the Junk E-mail folder again.

How can I prevent this from happening?

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Reset Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) connections for Exchange, Office 365 and accounts

I’ve been trying to add my to the Mail app for some time now but, when synchronizing, each time I get the error;

Something went wrong
We’re having a problem connecting to
Contact a support person or your service provider.
Error code: 0x86000c09

Is there anything I can reset to make this work again?

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