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Hide flagged items of other mailboxes in To-Do Bar

I’ve got an additional account in Outlook which I share with someone else. We often flag emails for each other which then show up in the To-Do Bar as well were it mixes with my own tasks and flagged mails.

I tried to disable this mailbox from displaying reminders in the To-Do Bar but that option appears not to be available.

Is there a way to only show tasks and reminders from emails in my personal mailbox and not from another?

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Answering within a Reply or Forward adds my name

I am facing an issue where my username automatically appears inside the body of an email I reply to or forward.

Whenever I hit on the spacebar as the first character to start editing or answering within the quoted email message, my username will appear as [John] in the email message.

Is there any way to turn this off?

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Using wildcards to block Junk E-mail domains

There is a domain which continues to send me Junk E-mail but they change the first part of their email address each time and sometimes also the subdomain.

Sadly, the Outlook Junk E-mail Filter doesn’t capture these emails automatically yet. I see options to safe list the Sender’s Domain but not to block the Sender’s Domain.

Is there a way that I can block all emails coming from this domain via wildcards or something similar?

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Edit, add or remove words from the Custom Dictionary

I’ve added a couple of wrongly spelled words to the custom dictionary by mistake.

How can I remove them again?

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Highlight important text in emails

I received an email which had some text highlighted in yellow (like you can do with a magic marker on paper).

How can I do the same in Outlook?

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Vote for the best meeting day and location

I’m trying to plan a meeting but it seems not everybody liked the day that I picked originally. I’ve now got several alternatives and I would like people to vote on the meeting days and times that are available and then pick the one with the most votes.

Is there any way I can create a “vote for meeting” invitation in Outlook?

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What is stored in the ost-file and why is it larger or smaller than my mailbox?

We have a maximum mailbox size of 2GB and I’m currently using 700MB of it. However, when I look at my ost-file, I see that it is over 3GB in size.

What accounts for this difference and how can I make my ost-file smaller?

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Open OWA messages in a new tab instead of a pop-up window

When I open a message in Outlook Web Access (OWA) via a double click or create a new message, this message is opened in a separate window.

This basically “detaches” it from the current browser window and makes it hard to find back when I switch between applications.

Can I open it in a new tab instead so that I can group all my OWA activity together?

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Flagged a message for Follow Up but I’m not getting a reminder

I’ve flagged several messages for Follow Up but unless I also specify a reminder time myself, I do not get any reminder at all. When using the Today, Tomorrow, This Week or Next Week flags, the item does not show a “bell” icon either.

How can I automatically set reminders on flagged items?

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Changing the display name of a mailbox or pst-file

When I look at my Outlook folder list on the left, I see most of my mailboxes are named after the email addresses that they receive emails for. I also have a pst-file that is called “My Outlook Data File”.

These names are quite long and thus get truncated unless I widen the Folder Pane. Especially since some of my mailboxes only differ in the domain part, I prefer to shorten or otherwise customize these mailbox names.

How can I change the names for my mailboxes and pst-file?

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