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Downloading pictures automatically for specific contacts or newsletters

Pictures in messages from some senders and newsletters are not downloaded unless I click a bar above the message. Pictures in messages from others download as soon as the message is opened.

Have I created some kind of list that allows this to occur?
If so, how can I edit the list?

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Prevent duplicate Sent Items when using Gmail

When sending a message with my Gmail account in Outlook, I noticed that I the item is being stored twice in my Sent Items folder.

Why is this happening and how can I prevent this?

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Defining the default View applied to new folders

Every time I create a new folder, I need to modify it to my liking.

I’ve changed quite a few things and create new folders on a regular basis so it is quite cumbersome to do this every single time.

Can I somehow alter the default View that is being applied to new folders?

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Creating clickable buttons in emails

I am creating an introductory email with various links to resources. To make the links strike a bit more and give the introductory email a bit of an interactive look, I’d like to insert these links as clickable buttons.

How would I turn these hyperlinks into buttons?

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Quickly delete old Newsletters and RSS feed items

I’m one of many that doesn’t delete any of the emails that I send or receive. I really like that history but I decided that I really should not hoard all the old Newsletters and RSS feed items that I receive as well.

I’m somewhat organized and I’ve stored most of my Newsletters and RSS Feeds in various folders.

Is there any way to quickly get rid of all the items which are from last year and older?

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Synching Outlook message rules with accounts

I’m using an account in Outlook on multiple computers. I’ve created some rules to help me organize my emails but they only work on 1 computer unless I also recreate the rules on all the other computers.

Is there any way to sync all my Outlook rules with my account as well?

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Week numbers in the Calendar are wrong

I’ve added week numbers to my Calendar but they don’t seem to match with my desk calendar which I believe is correct.

How can this be and how can I correct this?

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Hiding recipients with distribution lists

I’ve created a distribution list to send out a mailing and to hide the addresses from each other. However, when the message got delivered, it still showed all the email addresses.

Other newsletters I receive also use a distribution list and then the addresses are not exposed.

How can I make Outlook not to expose these addresses either?

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How often do I need to use AutoArchive?

I’ve saved every email I’ve ever sent or received for some years now. My PST-file is huge; well over 4GB!

I was wondering if I’m pushing the boundaries of Outlook with a pst-file of that size. I can remember that a 2GB pst-file used to be the limit but clearly that is no longer the case.

Should I be worried about data loss and performance issues with a pst-file of this size?

Will running AutoArchive optimize Outlook again and if so;
How often should I run AutoArchive to keep Outlook in tip-top shape?

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Create a striking subject with symbol characters

To put some additional attention to my email, I’d like to add some shape characters to the subject line such as a star or heart.

Is this possible and if so, which shapes are supported in the email subject line?

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