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Changing the display name of a mailbox or pst-file

When I look at my Outlook folder list on the left, I see most of my mailboxes are named after the email addresses that they receive emails for. I also have a pst-file that is called “My Outlook Data File”.

These names are quite long and thus get truncated unless I widen the Folder Pane. Especially since some of my mailboxes only differ in the domain part, I prefer to shorten or otherwise customize these mailbox names.

How can I change the names for my mailboxes and pst-file?

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Configuring message rules for a shared mailbox

Other than my own mailbox, I’ve also got access to some additional shared mailboxes within our company.

We are using Exchange and I have been granted access to these mailboxes but when I create a message rule, to for instance move specific emails to another folder, it only seems to apply to messages that are address to me and not to the shared mailbox.

How can I set up a rule for a shared mailbox?

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Color Categories in shared Contacts folders

I’ve created an additional Contacts folder within my Exchange mailbox which I share with the rest of my team.

This works great but some can’t see the Color Categories which I have assigned to the Contacts. I can’t see the difference in the permissions I’ve given them and I’ve even gone as far as giving everybody Owner permissions but some still can’t see the Color Categories.

What permissions do I need to assign so that everybody can see the color coding of the contacts within the shared Contacts folder?

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Disable New Mail Desktop Alert for specific accounts

I have multiple accounts configured and they are all showing New Mail Desktop Alerts when new email comes in.

As one account mainly receives newsletters and spam, I’d like to turn off these alerts for this specific account.

How can I configure which account should display New Mail Desktop Alerts?

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Open Outlook search results in a new window

When doing a search in Outlook, the main Outlook window is taken up by the search results.

Often I want to leave these search results open and want to continue with something else in Outlook. For instance, check my Calendar or Contacts folder or read a new message that just came in.

How can I have Outlook open the search results in a new window?

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Search Folder for all Meeting related messages

I organize and attend quite a few meetings with somewhat larger groups and I therefor receive a lot of “Calendar messages” like meeting requests, accept, decline, canceled messages, new time proposals, etc…

I tend to ignore these during the day to get some work done and because Outlook processes most of them automatically anyway.

However, at set times, I still want to go through these messages, especially to process the feedback that some people give in their reply and to process the new time proposals.

Is there any way I can quickly filter or otherwise search my mailbox so I will only see all these “Calendar messages”?

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Out of Office exceptions: Don’t reply to everyone

I’d like to enable the Out of Office Assistant, but it really shouldn’t send out an Automatic Reply to various addresses, like for instance mailing lists which I am a member of.

How can I prevent the Out of Office Assistant to auto reply to certain addresses?

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Outlook 2010/2013 and the Documents folder redirection problem

Are you using Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 and is your Documents folder redirected to a network share like a file server or a NAS-system?

This is a must read then…

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Deleting a Meeting Invitation doesn’t delete the Meeting itself from the Calendar

Over the week, I’ve received various Meeting Invitations for meetings I do not intend to go to as these were multiple timeslots for basically the same gathering.

I’ve deleted all these invitations but upon checking my Calendar, I still see them there as Tentative meetings.

Why haven’t these been removed as well and how can I prevent this in the future?

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Two or more icons for Outlook on the Taskbar

I just installed Office 2013 and one thing I noticed is that Outlook now has two icons on the Taskbar when it is open. If the program is closed, only one icon is displayed.

Any additional Outlook windows also group to this icon so basically the first Outlook is only being used to open Outlook.

How can I get rid of this extra Outlook icon on the Taskbar?

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