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Jump to a specific date in the Calendar

I need to check an appointment I had somewhere in March 2013.

How can I quickly go to this specific date or month in my Calendar without needing to scroll through the Calendar or the Date Navigator?

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Prompt to save a copy or not when sending emails

For most of the messages that I send, I’d prefer to keep a copy in my Sent Items which is also the understandable default in Outlook.

However, in some cases, I find it not really necessary keep a copy. For instance, when resending or forwarding a message or when a message only contains a (larger) attachment.

For these instances, would it be possible to have Outlook prompt me whether I want to save a copy of the message?

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Change the language of the Calendar (names of the days and months)

I’ve installed an English version of Windows and also an English version of Office. However, when I go to my Calendar, I still see the names of the days and months in my native language (Dutch).

How can I switch this to English as well?

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Default template for Outlook items sent to OneNote

I sometimes use the “Send to OneNote” option in Outlook to archive instructional emails for future reference or to collect information for an upcoming meeting or task.

Is there a way to change the default layout of these OneNote items and to add some default text as well?

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Use OneNote to create linked Appointment Tasks

I’ve got an appointment/meeting for which I need to complete some tasks before the actual event is taking place. It is important that I’ll be able to receive notifications whenever a Task is due as well as the final appointment.

Is there an easy way to somehow link this appointment and all its tasks together so I can see which tasks need to be completed before that appointment but also to see which appointment belongs to a specific task?

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Add a Business Card to a Signature but without the image

I’d like to add a Business Card (vCard or vcf-file) to be included with my email signature but this also adds an image of it in my signature which I do not want.

I deleted this image when designing my signature but that removed the Business Card as well.

Is there any way to create my signature with the vCard but without the image of it?

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Message header info shown on 1 or 2 lines in the message list

When looking at my message list in the Inbox, sometimes the header information is shown on 1 line and sometimes it is on 2 and some even hold a preview of the message. It seems a bit erratic this way.

How can I have it to always show on 2 lines?

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Wrapping text automatically option doesn’t seem to work

I’ve set Outlook’s “Automatically wrap text at character” option to 40 instead of the default 76 but it doesn’t appear to do anything.

When I compose a message, the line still goes on forever and doesn’t break into a new line at character 40 at all. The same is true for the received message.

Why isn’t it working or what is this option supposed to do then?

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Always prompt to select the sending account before sending a message

I’ve got many different accounts configured in Outlook. When I create a new message, I often tend to forget to change my account upon sending and end up sending it with the wrong account.

Is it possible to force me to select an account when sending a message?

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Do not automatically accept all meetings as Tentative

I receive quite a lot of meeting invitations in my line of work but luckily I don’t have to attend all of them.

However, Outlook automatically accepts these meeting requests as “Tentative” and adds them to my calendar. This makes my Calendar look unnecessarily busy and also often confuses others who check my schedule.

Can I somehow prevent meetings from automatically being added as Tentative to my Calendar?

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