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Prevent changing a Task’s Due Date when changing the Start Date

I’m an avid Tasks user in Outlook and I usually initially build my Task List by only assigning a Due Date. Then at a later stage I go back to review all open tasks and assign Start Dates to the Tasks.

Here is where things go wrong; When I assign a Start Date, it also modifies the Due Date which I absolutely do not want.

How can I tell Outlook to maintain the Due Date when modifying the Start Date?

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Find or Select a folder by typing its name

I’ve got quite a large list of folders (with names of customers) in which I sort my emails. Usually, to find a folder to which I want to move an email to, I need to scroll in the Navigation Pane and look for it.

As I already know the name of the folder, is there an easier way to select it? Perhaps similar to selecting a file or folder in Explorer by typing its name?

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Use RE: and FW: instead of localized subject prefix

We are an international company with international clients but in various countries we offer localized versions of Office and Outlook to our employees.

A downside of this is that when replying or forwarding, Outlook also adds localized prefixes to the subjects such as “AW” and “WG” (for the German version) which causes confusion with the recipient as they may not be German themselves.

Is there a way to force Outlook to always use the more standard English “RE” and FW” prefixes?

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Automatically turn specific words into hyperlinks

In my emails, I often need to refer to documentation and products on the Internet for which I also supply the URL within the message.

For readability, I turn these words into clickable hyperlinks.

Unfortunately, this is quite a bit of work and the documentation and product links are the same ones I use over and over.

Would it be possible to automatically turn these key words into hyperlinks pointing to the correct URL?

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Printing a day with appointments after midnight on a single page

This tip to print late evening appointments almost matches my requirement. However, in my case I’m hosting a Halloween party (and soon a New Year’s party as well) with a schedule that also passes midnight.

Is there a way to print such a schedule on a single page too?

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Discuss with Team instead of Reply to All

On occasion, I receive emails which have been addressed to multiple people which contain actionable items for our team which need to be discussed internally first.

Currently, I usually press Reply All and remove the addresses of the original sender and other recipients who don’t belong to our team. Sometimes, re-addressing the email entirely is quicker. Either way, it is cumbersome and quite error prone.

Can I somehow add a “Discuss with Team” button to the Respond section as well?

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Searching for or excluding items with empty fields

When using Instant Search, it is easy enough to find something when it contains that specific word or category. I can also do a search for items that should not include that word or category by using NOT in my query. However, I cannot seem to find a way to locate all the items that do not have any value assigned at all to that field.

For instance; find all items that do not have any category assigned or find all contacts for which I haven’t specified their birthday or company.

How can I use the search feature to return all items that have empty fields?

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Switching between Office 365 for Business, Office Insider and Office Insider Fast without re-installing

Unlike Office 365 for Home, I can’t seem to switch between the Office 365 Insider release builds via File-> Office Account-> Office Insider when using Office 365 for Business. Instead, I need to use custom installers to achieve this.

As I test the various Office release channels, I prefer not to reinstall but to simply update; Go from the oldest release channel and switch to a newer each time.

Is there any way to still be able to switch between Office 365 for Business channel releases by using Group Policy or editing the Registry?

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Printing early morning and late evening appointments

I’m organizing an event which lasts the entire day and I’ve added all activities as individual Appointments to the Calendar.

I now want to print out this entire day and hang it at strategic places so people can easily lookup the schedule. Unfortunately, everything that happens before 7AM and after 7PM is only being printed in an “overflow” instead of within the time scale.

How can I adjust the printing timespan so that everything between 6AM and 12AM is being printed?

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Remove my email address from the Windows 10 Logon screen

On my laptop, the logon screen of Window 10 displays my email address. This is a bit unfortunate as I also use my laptop in public places and strangers could potentially get my private email address.

On my Desktop computer, my email address isn’t shown so I know that it can be removed.

How do I prevent Windows 10 from showing my email address on the logon screen?

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