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Receiving meeting invitations and updates for my manager

I’ve been granted access to the Calendar of my manager. However, now I’m being bombarded with meeting invitations and responses for my manager as well.

How can I stop this and only receive my own invitations again?

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Exporting or backing up my complete Calendar as an ics-file

I used to be able to export my Calendar as an ics-file but now when I start the Import and Export Wizard, I only see an option to export it as a csv-file or pst-file.

I’d really prefer using the ics-file format as it is much easier to use as a backup or for other people to import so they can see my availability.

How can I save my Calendar as an ics-file again?

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Account Setup fails for accounts

When I try to add my account to Outlook via the Auto Account Setup wizard, I get several additional password prompts and finally the following error:

An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available.
Click Next to attempt using an unencrypted connection.

That process eventually also fails and I’m asked to verify my email address (which is correct) or set it up manually.

How do I do that and can’t Outlook really configure itself with

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Add addresses from the Auto-Complete cache to my Address Book as actual contacts

For most emails, I tend to rely on the Auto-Complete feature of Outlook to address the emails instead of using the Address Book.

I just noticed that for most of my contacts, I don’t even have them actually stored in my Contacts folder.

Is there any way to export the addresses from the Auto-Complete cache and import them into my Contacts folder?

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Clickable index (TOC) in emails to jump to a later section within the email

I regularly need to send out emails which discusses multiple topics (an internal newsletter) and found out that topics as the bottom are regularly overlooked as people don’t tend to scroll down all the way.

I therefor want these email messages to contains an index at top with links people can click on which takes them directly to that section within the email. This would be similar to inserting a Table of Contents (TOC) in Word.

Can I create such indexes within emails as well?

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Mail Merge filter based on Categories

When doing a Mail Merge in Word, I can see all my Outlook contacts. In most cases, I can apply some filters to easily select the contacts I need but I can’t seem to be able to filter based on Categories that I have assigned the contacts to.

Is there any way to do this?

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Sharing or forwarding lots of emails to someone

I’m leaving a project and therefor need to transfer the email history, some including attachments, of that project to someone else.

Is there a way to do this without having to forward them individually?

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Address envelopes and letters with Outlook contact data

I’ve tried a couple of times to create envelopes in Word for Outlook contacts (for which I’ve entered addresses) but every time I try, I end up clicking around a lot without any satisfactory result.

This seems like a core functionality of Outlook though, which shouldn’t be too hard and quickly to repeat so I must be doing something wrong here.

Could you walk me through the process of creating envelopes?

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Excel: Remove all Mailto hyperlinks for email addresses at once

In a previous tip you explained how to prevent email address in Excel turning into clickable mailto hyperlinks which is close to an issue I’m currently facing.

In my current case, I’ve received an Excel sheet full of email addresses that are clickable mailto links which is highly annoying as sooner or later I’ll accidentally click on one.

Is there any way to bulk remove or disable these clickable email addresses and turn them into regular text instead?

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Excel: Stop turning email addresses into clickable Mailto links

I’m working with Excel sheets that contain a lot of email addresses as well.

When updating a field, it turns the email address in a clickable “mailto” link and when I’m not careful when clicking, it opens up a new email in Outlook.

As I have no intention to email anyone directly from these lists, but do work a lot with these sheets, this is getting annoying quite fast.

Is there any way to disable this behavior in Excel?

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