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Run a Script rule action is no longer working and can’t be selected for a new rule

I have a few macro’s configured which I triggered via a message rule and are now no longer working.

Upon trying to recreate the rule, I noticed that the Run a Script rule action is no longer available at all.

  • Why has this useful feature been removed?
  • What alternatives do I have now?
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Repeated password prompts and sync issues after turning off less secure apps in Yahoo Mail

I got prompted by Yahoo to disable access for apps that use less secure sign-in methods to get my email.

This sounded like a good thing to do, but now I constantly get prompted for my username and password in Outlook and it no longer downloads my emails and I can’t send anymore either.

I know my username and password are correct as they still work when I try to login to Yahoo Mail in my browser.

How can I re-enable Outlook to collect my email again, preferably by using the more secure sign-in method the original prompt was referring to?

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Outlook and Two-Step Verification for Yahoo! accounts

I’d like to improve my Yahoo Mail security by enabling Two-Step Verification.

Since doing so, Outlook is constantly prompting me for my password even though I’m 100% sure that I’m putting in the correct password.

How can I use Yahoo Mail with Outlook without disabling Two-Step Verification?

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Automatically process and delete empty Meeting Responses and other empty Receipts from your Inbox

I frequently host meetings (seminars) where I invite quite a lot of people. The Accept/Decline/Tentative receipts then quickly fill my mailbox.

I don’t really care about these responses until closer to the signup deadline and even then I use the Tracking button that is shown within the Meeting item and not all the receipts.

How can I disable these email notifications and just see the responses on the Tracking tab of the meeting?

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7 Methods to add a note to an email message

I sometimes receive an email message that I don’t need to respond to directly but do have some thoughts about which I want to write down and refer to it later.

Is there any good way to add a note to a message that I received?

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People sorting order seems random in the Contacts folder

My Contacts/People folder almost looks like it is sorted randomly. It’s a mixture of being sorted by first name and last name.

In the People section in Options, I’ve set it to display in the “First (Middle) Last” and “Last First” format but this did not seem to have any effect at all.

How do I make the sorting order of People consistently?

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Meeting invitation contains “not supported calendar message.ics” file and other attachments

Today I received a Meeting Invitation that was received as a normal message but contained the following attachments;

  • not supported calendar message.ics
  • ATT00001.htm
  • c120414.ics

The ATT00001.htm attachment contained the same textual content as the meeting message, but trying to open either ics-file resulted in the error;

The operation failed.

How did this meeting invitation end up broken and how can I fix it so I can accept it and add it to my Calendar?

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Better Task Management for Outlook Desktop Outlook and Mobile with Microsoft To-Do

The Task module of Outlook isn’t one of the prettiest or most modern parts of Outlook and probably also one of the lesser used modules by most.

Creating and managing tasks in Outlook can sometimes be a task of its own and there isn’t really a way to manage your Tasks when using a smartphone or tablet. Until now…

Have you already used the Microsoft To-Do app?

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Highlight/sort Meeting Receipts which contain text

I would like to create a rule that will allow me to filter all of the meeting receipts where people have typed in a message to me.

This is to prevent me from reviewing the meeting receipts that don’t have any verbiage contained in the body.

I see where I can look for specific words, but don’t know how to examine for the presence of text.

How can I filter out these empty responses?

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Always show the received day name of a message in the Message List

When looking at the received dates of the messages in the Message List, I see the first messages have a day and date specified. When I scroll further down my list of messages, only a date is shown.

How can I set Outlook to always display the name of the day that the message was received on in the Message List?

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