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Setting the Reading Pane at the bottom and other display options in Outlook on the Web and OWA

In Outlook Web App (OWA), I prefer to have the Reading Pane at the bottom but since I have been upgraded to OWA on Office 365 (I’m not sure whether this is Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016), my Reading Pane is on the right again and I can’t find a way to change that to the bottom.

In OWA 2010, this option was under a View button at the top of my message list where I could also disable Conversation View. In addition, I don’t want the message list to show the first line of the email either. I just want things back to the way I had it configured in OWA 2010.

How can I configure all this in Outlook on the Web of Office 365?

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Not receiving Delivery Receipts

I’ve sent out some really important emails and for these emails not only did I request Read Receipts, I also requested Delivery Receipts.

I do this because Read Receipts aren’t sent until the recipient actually reads the message and even then, these Read Receipts can be cancelled by the recipient or can otherwise get “lost” as well.

From my understanding, Delivery Receipts should be returned as soon as the message is delivered in the online mailbox of the recipient, which should be within a few seconds. However, I never seem to get these even though the messages are clearly being delivered.

How can I reliably get Delivery Receipts back when requested?

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Switch from Gmail to

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about switching from Gmail to as there are so many features in Outlook which Gmail can’t support because it is using IMAP.

For instance, synching my Contacts and Calendar folders, synching my message rules, using Categories and Follow Up Reminders, Skype Contacts integration and so much more.

I’ve been quite reluctant to actually switch as nowadays so much depends on and is connected to your email address, it feels like I’m tied for life to use Gmail.

How can I switch from Gmail to as painless as possible?

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Account selection by using keyboard shortcuts

I do a lot of typing so I try to use the mouse as little as possible as it breaks my flow. I also found that using keyboard shortcuts is often much quicker than using a mouse.

In Outlook, I have multiple accounts configured but I have not yet found out how to switch between the accounts when composing an email.

Is there an easy way to select the sending account via a keyboard shortcut?

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Creating Private appointments as a Delegate

As a delegate for my manager, I sometimes also need to create Private Appointments. However, I do not have the permissions to see any details of his existing Private Appointments.

But when I’ve been set up as a Delegate without permissions to see Private items, the button to mark an appointment as Private is grayed out as well.

Is there a way to be granted this level of permissions without losing the option to mark appointments as Private?

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Send from an alias address when using an account

I’ve configured my account with multiple aliases. When I use the web based version of, I can successfully send out an email with one of my alias addresses.

However, when I specify an alias address in Outlook, it still only sends from my primary address.

How can I send out an email with one of my alias addresses for my account in Outlook?

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Messages returned; Error 550 – Connection Rejected. Your IP is in RBL

I’m having a problem with emails being returned from people I’ve been in contact with for years and I’m very sure they didn’t all just change addresses or that I misspelled them. The error I get is;

Connection rejected. Your IP is in RBL

What does this error mean and how do I fix this?

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Print only items that belong to a specific Category

I’m Categorizing specific items in my Calendar, Contacts and Tasks folder. For instance, in my Calendar and Contacts folders, I’ve made a distinction between Work, Private and Sport Club.

Sometimes, I want for instance to print out my Work Calendar schedule or a list of Contacts to hand out to a new member of our club or just my list of Garden chores to hang outside.

While it is easy enough to categorize them, I have gone through all the printing options, but can’t find a way to select which Category to print.

How do I print just one Category?

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Archiving emails to OneDrive or other Cloud storage

In a previous tip, you mentioned that it is not recommended to store pst-files within Cloud based storage folders like OneDrive or DropBox.

I still have lots of space left in my OneDrive and DropBox accounts but not a lot of space left in my mailbox.

Is there really no way I can use all this space to archive my emails to the Cloud?

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Change the default Calendar folder

When I switch to the Calendar Navigation (CTRL+2), I see multiple Calendars listed for the various accounts that I have.

However, new meeting requests which I receive do not always get added to the Calendar of that account.

For instance, meeting requests I receive for my personal POP3 account get added the Calendar folder of my Exchange account from work.

How can I set the default Calendar to be the one of my POP3 Calendar?

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