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Add additional Spell Check languages to Outlook on the Web (Exchange, Office 365 and

I’m multilingual and frequently type emails in English, Dutch and German. I’ve installed everything on my computer in English and when I type an email in Outlook on the Web, the English spellchecker kicks in when needed.

Unfortunately, Outlook on the Web doesn’t seem to recognize when I type in Dutch or German.

How can I add additional languages to Outlook on the Web?

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Reset the local cache of an Exchange, IMAP or EAS ( account

Lately I’m having some sync issues with my mailbox. For instance, I see several new emails in my mailbox when I login to webmail which I don’t see in Outlook.

Also, it looks like the entire month of June has gone missing in Outlook but the emails are luckily still available on the server.

Is there any way to get Outlook to sync or download these emails again?

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Setting Reply as the default instead of Reply All in Outlook on the Web (Exchange 2016 and Office 365)

I’m using Outlook on the Web (as part of my company’s Office 365 subscription) and there I noticed that the Reply button is a combined button containing, Reply All, Reply and Forward.

As I need to use the Reply button more often than the Reply All button, and inadvertently using Reply All is kinda “dangerous” in my line of work, I’d like to change that.

How can I set the Reply action as the default instead of Reply All?

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Add or modify Reminders for Appointments and Meetings items in bulk

I’ve imported a Calendar from another user into my own Outlook Calendar and noticed that these appointments do not have any Reminders set.

Also, as I’ve moved, I want to adjust the Reminder time for several of my own existing appointments as well.

Is there a way to globally add or modify Reminders to all or a selection of existing Calendar appointments without needing to open and adjust them one-by-one?

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Close all open message windows at once but not Outlook itself

I tend to leave my messages open in their own window for various good reasons at that time. However, after a while, it doesn’t make much sense anymore to leave them open and I wish to close them all but not Outlook itself.

Right now, I close them one-by-one which is rather cumbersome or completely restart Outlook as that is sometimes quicker but I feel like that is a bit of overkill.

Can I somehow close all open message windows but leave open similar to the “Close other tabs” in an Internet browser like Internet Explorer and Chrome?

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Switching between Address Lists in Exchange Online and Outlook on the Web (OWA 2016)

Using Outlook on the Web, when I click on the To button to address an email, I can only see my own contacts and not the internal contacts from my company (Global Address List).

When I switch to the People section, I do see my company’s “Directory” so I know it is there.

How can I switch between my Address Lists when addressing an email and can I also change the defaults Address List as I can do in Outlook?

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Always attach files from OneDrive as a copy and never as a web link

I’m using Outlook 2016 and whenever I attach a file that is located within my OneDrive folder on my computer, it is being attached as a OneDrive link with a cloud icon and not as an actual file attachment.

This also happens when I select a file via “Browse This PC…” and then select my locally cached OneDrive folder.

How can I configure Outlook so that it always attaches my files as actual attachments and not as a link to the file on OneDrive?

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Deleting or finding large Calendar items

Looking at the folder size of my Calendar, I noticed that it takes up a lot of space. This is very well possible since I often store attachments with my Calendar items or receive Meeting invitations with attachments.

Now I’m looking for a way to locate the largest items and clean up their attachments.

Which method would be most effective?

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Shortcut to switch between all open Outlook windows and messages

I often have more than one Outlook window open. For instance: the main Outlook window, the Reminders dialog and some emails.

While I could use ALT+TAB to switch between them, the multitude of other application windows which I have open makes it quite cumbersome and also difficult to quickly select the correct one.

Is there an easy way to switch only between the open Outlook windows and messages?

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Email empty when changing Signature

After composing my email, I changed my signature. When doing that it deleted all the text from the message.

What happened and how can I prevent this from happening again?

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