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All information on HowTo-Outlook is freely accessible without any need to log on. However, we do collect website usage information from you for statistic purposes.


As any professional website, collects statistics about website usage in order to improve the usage of the website and provide content which is most relevant to you. In addition, these statistics can be used to report to any sponsors.

All of the information which is collected and reported remains completely anonymous; The data collected cannot be traced back to a single individual.


Cookies are small text files which are automatically generated and placed on your computer by your Internet browser and contain session information. itself does not place any cookies on your computer but does use third party services which can create cookies on your computer when visiting

The main service that does this is Goolge Analytics, a service from Google Inc. (“Google”) to generate the aforementioned statistics reports.
We also use Google AdSense, another service from Google Inc. (“Google”), to allow people to advertise on By default, Google will place a cookie on your computer for this.
Google’s data usage policy including several ways to opt out can be found here.

Other services that could (but not necessarily) do this are from affiliate programs that we participate in like DR MyCommerce. This helps them to trace any sales that might have been generated from for which we are credited. These links all start with and require you to click on it yourself before a cookie can be placed. You’ll then be redirected to a website that is not controlled by nor

You can configure your browser to not allow any cookies or to be warned when a cookie is placed on your system. See the documentation of your browser on how to do this. Although this will not affect your browsing experience when visiting, we do politely ask not to do this as the statistics collected and the (small) revenue stream generated from the affiliate programs we participate in, help us to continue to maintain and host the site for you and we want to thank you for that.

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