Background picture repeating itself

I've inserted a background picture in my email but this repeats itself over and over again in both width and lenght.

Is there a way to have it appear only once?

Inserted background pictures will indeed fill the entire background of the message. If the message window is wider or higher than the inserted background picture, it will repeat itself instead of filling or stretching the image to the message window like a Desktop Wallpaper.

You can still insert a picture as a background image and not have it repeat itself via the following workaround;

Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010

  1. Select the Insert tab.
  2. Click on the Picture button and insert your picture.
  3. After inserting your picture, right click on the picture and choose:
    Text Wrapping-> Behind Text

Outlook 2003 and previous

  1. Make sure Word is set as your e-mail editor;
    Tools-> Options…-> tab Mail Format
  2. Insert your picture via:
    Insert-> Picture-> From File…
  3. After inserting the picture, right click on your picture and choose:
    Format Picture…
  4. Select the Layout tab.
  5. Set the Wrapping style to: Behind text

Wrapping style Behind
Behind text

Note: If you are having difficulties placing the cursor in the correct place and find yourself selecting the picture instead, press the Home key on your keyboard. You can now use your arrow keys on your keyboard to move the cursor in the text. Hold CTRL while pressing the arrow keys to navigate even faster.

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