Opening picture attachments as a slideshow

I often get a lot of picture attachments. Instead of opening them one by one can I get them to display all at once so I can scroll through them easily or open them as a slideshow?

Only when they were inserted via Insert-> Picture, Outlook will show pictures in the message body. When pictures were attached via Insert-> Attach File, Outlook will show them as attachment as well and you’ll need to open them one by one to see them.

To open them as a slideshow you’d first need to save them all to a folder, then open that folder in Explorer and from there you can launch the build-in slideshow feature of Windows.

Instead of saving the pictures one-by-one, you can use the “Save all Attachments” command.

Picture Attachments Wizard

To directly start a slideshow from within Outlook you can use the Picture Attachments Wizard add-in by Collaborative Innovations.

Besides offering you slideshow functionality, it will also allow you to;

  • view thumbnails of all your picture attachments directly in an email
  • export all the pictures from a selection of emails
  • automatically save your attachments to a folder (not just pictures)
  • convert images (resize, rotate, different file format, etc…) before sending or save changes to the original email
  • directly open multiple pictures in your favorite editor
  • view picture details such as dimensions, size, resolutions but also EXIF information directly from the camera such as camera model, shutter speed, flash mode, exposure time making it a great addition for when you are into photography as well
  • quite some more...
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