Spaces in filename breaks hyperlink

In our organization we often send text based hyperlinks to folders and files we work on. Most of the time I just copy the path out of Explorer and insert it into the message body and put file:// if front of it so that Outlook will automatically create a link out of it.

This works great except if the file or foldername contains spaces. Then it breaks the hyperlink at the first space.

How can I make Outlook to create a link including spaces? Renaming the files and folders is not an option to us.

You can indicate the beginning and the end of the link by placing it between < and >. Your typed linked will then look something like this;
<file://c:\folder with spaces\file with spaces.doc>

After pressing ENTER or typing a space behind the >, Outlook will automatically turn it into a link. This works for all message formats (Plain Text, HTML and Rich Text).

Note: If Outlook doesn’t automatically create links for you in Plain Text messages see; No Hyperlinks in Plain Text anymore

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