Editing replies in-line adds spaces

When I am replying to a message, and trying to edit text that's part of the original message, Outlook gives me extra spaces around the letters.

Is there any way to prevent this?

This issue occurs when using Outlook 2003 or previous and have Outlook set as the e-mail editor and are replying to a HTML or RTF formatted message.

To prevent this from happening, you can either switch to Word as your e-mail editor or convert the message to Plain Text.

Workaround for when using Outlook as your e-mail editor

If the above isn’t an option to you, then there is another workaround but that could break some formatting;

  1. Select all text (CTRL+A)
  2. Cut it to the clipboard (CTRL+X)
  3. Change your message format to Plain Text (via the Format menu)
  4. Change your message format to HTML
  5. Paste the text from the clipboard (CTRL+V)

When you now insert/edit the text, it will do this without adding additional spaces on either side.

Note 1: When adding comments to a HTML or Rich Text formatted email message, it will use the same color as that you have configured for replying to or forwarding messages.

Note 2: If answering in-line adds your name, see this post instead.