Add a Shared Mailbox to your Folder List in Outlook on the Web (OWA)

Aside from my own mailbox, I’ve also added a couple of Shared Mailboxes to my Folder List in Outlook.

I also regularly use Outlook on the Web (OWA) and know how I can open another user’s mailbox, but can I also permanently add it to the Folder List on the left just like in Outlook?

Shared Mailbox buttonYou can add a Shared Mailbox to your Folder List pane in Outlook on the Web (OWA) just like you can in Outlook but how to do so is very different from how you do it in Outlook.

Also note that Automapping isn’t supported so they won’t be added automatically to Outlook on the Web either.

Supported Exchange versions

The feature to add shared mailboxes to your Folder List pane in Outlook on the Web was first introduced in Exchange 2013 (when they still called it Outlook Web App or OWA).

To see the option, you must right click on the root of your own mailbox and choose: Add shared folder…

Add shared folder - Outlook on the Web

You can then type the name of the Shared Mailbox in the dialog that pop-up and all the folders of the Shared Mailbox that you have access to will be added to your Folder List pane.

Add shared folder dialog - Outlook on the Web

Exchange as part of Office 365 for Business

When you are using an Exchange mailbox as part of an Office 365 for Business subscription, then you might not see the name of your own mailbox to click on. Instead, you’ll first need to click on the More link to see your entire mailbox before you’ll see the option mentioned above.

Clicking on "More" will reveal all your folders in Outlook on the Web.
Clicking on “More” will reveal all your folders.