Integrating Facebook chat with Outlook

In a previous tip, you explained how you can set which IM client should integrate with Outlook.

In, you can use Facebook chat and I would also like to have that in Outlook. I’ve connected Facebook to Outlook via the Facebook Social Connector Provider but I see no chat function.

Is it also possible to integrate Facebook chat into Outlook?

Not directly from within the Outlook application, but Outlook does have IM integration with Skype which again has integration with Facebook chat and some other Facebook functionality.

Skype contacts vs Facebook contacts

Button SkypeUnfortunately, the integration with Outlook isn’t the same for Facebook contacts as it is for Skype or Messenger contacts. This is because Facebook doesn’t reveal the email address of the contacts and that is being used to find the Outlook contact in Skype.

This means that, in Outlook, the Online status as well as the "Reply with IM", “Call” and “Video Call” feature sadly still doesn’t work for Facebook friends in Skype. This might change with a future update.

However, if you are a heavy Facebook (chat) or Skype user, it might still be interesting to connect to Facebook from Skype. The “Skype Home” feature of Skype shows you the latest Facebook alerts of your friends, allows you to update your status and comment on and “like” posts.

Note: The Facebook Social Connect Provider doesn’t play a role in this as it basically only populates the People Pane with the latest status updates and information of the contact from Facebook.

Connecting Facebook to Skype

Skype - Connect to FacebookTo connect Facebook to Skype, open Skype and do the following:

  1. Contacts-> Contact Lists-> Facebook
  2. Click on the “Connect to Facebook” button
  3. Login with your Facebook credentials when prompted.
  4. Acknowledge that you agree that Skype may access various details which you’ve got stored and shared on Facebook.

For more information and assistance, also see the Skype to Facebook help page.

Connecting Facebook to - Add people to chat with - Facebook friendsIf you are using an account, then then enabling Facebook chat is quite similar.

Click on the Chat icon at the top right in (where your name is displayed as well).

Select that you want to add your Facebook friends. A new tab will open which will walk you through the process.

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