Sorting order options for the Reminders Window

When I look at the Reminders Windows, I notice that the reminders aren’t listed chronologically.

My 6 reminders are now sorted like this:

  1. 15 hours overdue
  2. 4 days overdue
  3. 3 days overdue
  4. 5 weeks overdue
  5. 7 weeks overdue
  6. 4 weeks overdue

Why is it sorted like this and how can I change the sort order?

The Reminders Window of Outlook is sorted based on the Reminder Time or the order in which the reminders were fired and not by the actual the Due Date of an item.

Reminders Window of Outlook 2013

So apparently, for the example above, the reminder for item 6 was before the reminder of items 5 and 4 but has a due date which was later. The same is true for reminder 3 in comparison to reminder 2.

Another reason (or actually exception) for this to occur is when you created an item with a reminder time in the past. The reminder will then show as the first reminder in the list but this will get resorted correctly based on the Reminder Time after a restart of Outlook.

Configuring the Reminders Window

Unfortunately, the Reminders Window in Outlook is completely deprived of any options. Clicking on the “Subject” or “Due in” column headers (which have been removed in Outlook 2013) won’t even let you resort the list.

For a fully configurable Reminders Windows, you might want to take a look at the Reminder Manager add-in by Outlook MVP (since 1998!) Ken Slovak.

This add-in replaces the Reminders Window of Outlook and is packed with options. Amongst others, you can choose which columns (up to 24) to display, re-order the columns and choose by which column the list should be sorted. By a click on any of the column headers, you can directly sort by that field instead.

Reminder Manager allows for a fully configurable Reminders Window. (click on the image to enlarge)
Reminder Manager allows for a fully configurable Reminders Window.
(click on the image to enlarge)

In addition, you can select which folders to monitor for reminders (including delegate mailboxes), print your list of reminders, apply filters to your Reminder view, set the default snooze time, customize the display font, send reminders to an email address, flash a reminder icon in the Notification Area, resize the Reminders dialog and even more.