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Adding Holidays to an Calendar

I’ve been looking for an option to add a Holiday Calendar to just like there is an option to add a Birthday Calendar. I haven’t found out how to do it though.

Is there a way to add a Holiday Calendar to my Calendar as well? Holiday Calendar buttonIf you have an older account (from the Hotmail and Live Calendar era), you might still have a US Holidays Calendar (or one from another country) in your Calendar as well.

If you don’t or if you want to add additional Holiday Calendars, you can do so by subscribing to them or importing them.

If you have your account configured in Outlook, any Calendar that you subscribe to in will automatically become available in Outlook as well.

Holiday Calendar provided by Microsoft

Microsoft provides Holiday Calendars for quite a few countries on this page.

From this page you can quickly subscribe to any of the provided Holiday Calendar by clicking on the link for that country.

Note: At the top of the page there might still be the following message:
“Holiday and lunar calendars are currently not available.”
At the time of writing however, this issue has already been fixed.

The “Subscribe” page of your Calendar will automatically open where you can change the Calendar name, assign it a different color and optionally specify a Charm.

Subscribing to the US Holidays Web Calendar in

When you click on “Subscribe”, you’ll be taken back to your Calendar where you may need to enable the just subscribed Calendar via the Gears icon in the top right corner to make the Holidays visible in your Calendar.

Subscribing to other Holiday Calendars

To subscribe to Holiday Calendars from other webcal providers, you must first go to the Calendar module in

  1. At the top left, next to the New button, click on: Import Calendar Command Bar

  2. From the panel on the left choose: Subscribe
  3. In another tab of your browser, use a webcal provider to find the Calendar that you want to subscribe to. Examples of webcal providers are:
  4. Instead of clicking on the Subscribe button, right click on it and choose: Copy Shortcut.
    In the case of, use the Manual Subscription section to get the URL.
  5. Switch back to the browser tab which holds your Calendar.
  6. Paste the address (CTRL+V) in the “Calendar URL” field.
  7. Name the Calendar, assign it a color and optionally specify a Charm.
  8. Click on Subscribe.
  9. Back in your Calendar, you may need to enable the just subscribed Calendar via the Gears icon in the top right corner to make the Holidays visible in your Calendar.

Importing Holiday Calendars into an existing Calendar

Add Web Calendar buttonInstead of subscribing to the web calendar and have it shown as an additional Calendar, you may want to import the Holidays directly into your own Calendar instead.

You can do this directly when they offer to download the Calendar as an ics-file. You can then start at step 5 in the instructions below.

If they only offer webcal links, you can still import them in the following way:

  1. Paste the copied webcal address in the Address Bar of a new tab in your Internet browser.
  2. Replace the webcal:// part with http://
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Your browser will now prompt you to save the calendar as an ics-file.
  5. Back in your Calendar, press the Import button and point it to the downloaded ics-file.
  6. Make sure you have the option selected: Import into an existing calendar.
  7. Specify which Calendar to import to.
  8. Optionally, set how you want to handle duplicate prevention (useful when importing an updated version of the ics-file with new events) and reminders.
  9. Click Import to start the Import process. You’ll be taken back to your Calendar. Calendar Import Holidays ics-file

Note: This trick will not work for the Holiday Calendars provided by Microsoft. If you want to import them, export the subscribed Calendar as an ics-file in Outlook (exporting a web calendar is not possible in and import that file. You can then unsubscribe from the Calendar again.

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