Add Holidays to your Microsoft 365 Exchange Online or mailbox

I’ve been looking for an option to add a Holiday Calendar to my Exchange mailbox in a similar way to the Birthday Calendar, which displays as a separate folder in Outlook. I haven't found out how to do it though.

Is there a way to add a separate Holiday Calendar to my Outlook Calendar as well?

Holiday Calendar buttonWhen you have your account configured in Outlook, you can import Holidays into your main Calendar folder. The downside of this method is that it isn’t updated automatically and only shows a limited time into the future.

To add a separate, always up-to-date, Holiday Calendar to your Exchange Online or mailbox, you’ll have to use Outlook on the Web (OWA).

Once you’ve added the Holiday Calendar via Outlook on the Web, it will automatically sync with Outlook as well.

Adding a Holiday Calendar via Outlook on the Web

Outlook on the Web buttonLog on to your mailbox via the website of your Microsoft 365 Exchange Online or account.

After logging in, select your Calendar.

Click the “Add Calendar” link in the Calendar Navigation Pane and in the dialog that opens select “Holidays”.

Import a Holiday Calendar to or Outlook on the Web (OWA).

You can now click on 1 or more countries to directly add that Holiday Calendar to your mailbox.

Outlook on the Web - Import calendar dialog

Calendars in Outlook

Outlook buttonAfter you’ve added the Holiday Calendar in Outlook on the Web, it will automatically get added to Outlook on the desktop as well after a few minutes or once you restart Outlook.

My Calendars - Personal Calendar, Birthdays Calendar and Holiday Calendars
Holiday Calendars in Outlook.

Extra Tip!

Calendar Overlay buttonYou can select multiple Calendars like your regular Calendar, the Birthday Calendar and the Holidays Calendar and they will conveniently show as a single Calendar thanks to Overlay Mode.

The Birthdays and Holidays will show up color-coded based on the chosen color for that specific Calendar folder.

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