Adding holidays to a Shared Mailbox or Public Folder Calendar

As a follow up on the previous post about updating holidays in your calendar, the following question was asked;

How can I import the holidays in a Shared Mailbox, Public Folder or SharePoint Team Calendar instead of my own Calendar?

Holiday Calendar buttonThis cannot be done in a 1 step process. You’ll first have to import the holidays into your own Calendar and from there copy the items to the other calendar.

Step 1: Setting the correct view

Just as any bulk operation in your Calendar this is done best when switching to a list view such as By Category or All Appointments.

Since all holidays have the Holiday category, using the By Category would be the best choice;

  • Simplified Ribbon (Microsoft 365)
    1. View-> Change View-> List
    2. Arrange By-> Categories
  • Classic Ribbon
    1. View-> Change View-> List
    2. Arrangement-> Categories

As an alternative, you can also perform a Search within your Calendar to find all items which are categorized as “Holiday”; category:="Holiday"

Step 2: Move or copy

Once you have selected all the holidays, you can move them all at once by using one of the many move options available such as dragging and dropping them on the other Calendar folder or press CTRL+SHIFT+V to bring up the Move to Folder dialog.

In order to copy them by using drag and drop, you can drag and drop with your right mouse button instead; this will bring up a Move/Copy/Cancel context menu.

You can also find the Copy to Folder command on the Home tab of the Ribbon by expanding the Move button.

Re-import in own calendar

If you moved the holidays and you want to add them to your own calendar again you can simply re-import them via;

  • File-> Options-> Calendar-> section: Calendar Options-> button: Add Holidays…