Add sport schedules or other special holidays and events to your Calendar

I’ve already added the Holidays to Outlook but I was wondering if I could also easily add other special days and sport schedules to my Calendar.

For instance, I’d like to add the moon phases, the Formula 1 calendar and a countdown to the end of the year.

Can I do this?

Add Sports Calendar buttonFor a lot of unofficial holidays, sport schedules and other things to add to your Calendar, there usually is a (free) Web Calendar service available with all the days and info you want.

The benefit of using a Web Calendar is that it automatically gets updated with new days, new information or in case of sports events, the results of the game, match or race.

Outlook, and Outlook on the Web (OWA) all offer support to subscribe to these Web Calendars.

When you are using an account or are an Office 365 Exchange Online subscriber, then there is also already a big catalog of “Interesting Calendars” which you can add as a Web Calendar.

Calendar websites

Open Calendar From Internet buttonThree major websites offering web calendars for various holidays, sports events, alternative calendars and custom count downs are:

  • and Exchange Online (Office 365 for Business)
    As mentioned, and Exchange Online already have a “Interesting Calendars” catalog of their own. The major categories are Sports and TV. These are all verified Calendars and are guaranteed to work and up-to-date.
    There is also a separate section where you can add Holiday calendar(s) and/or a Birthday calendar for all contacts for which you’ve entered a birthday.
    This site is easy to navigate and offers a lot of web calendars sorted into different categories. Many of these calendars can be customize before subscribing as well and are also available in various languages.
    Aside from the holidays, it also include a list of “funny” holidays and a “Good to know” calendar. On the Sports tab you’ll find schedules from various sports such as from the NBA, NFL, NHL and F1. It usually also adds schedules for major sports events like the FIFA World Cup and Olympics whenever they are due.
    Moon phases, sunrise & sunset, eclipses can be added too. You can also add your working schedule or countdown timer to a specific day.
  • iCalShare
    This site is a bit more community driven so people can create, upload and share calendars of their own. This results in over 3500 calendars to choose from. You can search for a calendar or browse within categories.
    The fact that it is community driven has the benefit that most major sport schedules, holidays and other events have a web calendar. Even several schools and universities have published their activities calendar here.
    A downside of this website is that quite a few calendars are outdated, no longer work or are listed multiple times by multiple people.

Adding a Web Calendar to Outlook

Outlook buttonTo add a web calendar from or iCalShare to Outlook is really easy when it has been set as the default webcal protocol handler in Windows:

  1. Click on the Subscribe button on the website.
  2. Choose Allow when prompted.

    Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer? Webcal - Outlook

  3. Choose Yes to confirm the subscription in Outlook.

    Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates?

To subscribe manually, you can use the “Manual subscription” section on the website or right click on the “Subscribe to Calendar” button on the iCalShare website to get the required URL.

To add or remove the Calendar in Outlook use:

  • Outlook 2007
    Tools-> Account Settings…-> tab Internet Calendars
  • Outlook 2010 /  2013 / 2016 / 2019 / Office 365
    File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings…-> tab Internet Calendars

Adding a Web Calendar to Outlook on the Web (OWA)

Outlook on the Web buttonWhen you have an Exchange account and it is hosted on Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013, you can also add the web calendar to OWA.

  1. In another tab of your browser, logon to OWA and select your Calendar.
  2. Open the “Open Calendar” dialog:
    • OWA 2010
      Right click on “My Calendars” and choose: Add Calendar…
      Or click on the Share button and choose: Add Calendar…
    • OWA 2013
      Right click on “My Calendars” and choose: Open Calendar

      Open Calendar in OWA 2013

    • OWA 2016, 2019 and Exchange Online (Office 365 for Business)
      Click on “Add calendar” and select: From Internet
    • and Exchange Online (new interface)
      Click on the “Import calendar” in the Calendar Navigation Pane on the left and from the pop-up dialog choose: From web.
  3. Switch back to the browser tab where you have the web calendar that you wish to add listed.
  4. Copy the required URL for the web calendar
    • iCalshare
      Instead of clicking on the Subscribe button, right click on it and choose: Copy Shortcut.
      Use the Manual Subscription section to get the URL.
  5. Switch back to the browser tab which holds your OWA Calendar.
  6. Paste the address (CTRL+V) in the “Calendar URL” (OWA 2010), “Internet Calendar” (OWA 2013) or “Link to the calendar” (OWA 2016 / 2019 / 365) field.

    Open Internet Calendar - OWA 2013

  7. Click on OK, Open or Save to confirm the subscription.
  8. Back in your Calendar, you may need to enable the just subscribed Calendar by placing a checkmark in front of it.

To unsubscribe from the calendar, right click on it and choose “Remove Shared Calendar” (OWA 2010) or “Remove” (OWA 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / 365).

Note: A corporate firewall or policy may prevent you from adding Internet Calendars to OWA. The option could either be disabled or the calendar is never being downloaded after subscribing.

Interesting Calendars, Birthday Calendar and Holiday Calendar

To use the built-in Calendar service of Outlook on the Web ( and Office 365 Exchange Online) you can use the following commands;

  • Interesting Calendars
    Click on the “Interesting calendars” button and from the fly-out panel on the right, select a Category and then the Calendar which you want to add.
  • Birthday Calendar
    When the Birthday Calendar for your contacts isn’t added already, you can do so by clicking on Add Calendar and then; Birthday Calendar.
  • Holiday Calendar
    Click on the Add Calendar button and then choose; Holiday Calendar. From the fly-out panel on the right, you can select one or multiple countries for which you want to add the holidays.

When you are using the new interface of Outlook on the Web, then you can find all these options by clicking on the “Import calendar” link at the bottom of the Calendars section on the left. A pop-up dialog will open which contains all of the above commands as well as commands to import a calendar from a file or from the web (Internet Calendar). The Birthday Calendar can be added or removed via Settings as mentioned in Recreating the Birthday Calendar.

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