Mail Merge with attachment

I want to include a document in my mail merge. I cannot find an option to do this when starting the mail merge from Outlook or from Word.

How can I do this?

Mail Merge & Attachments buttonThere is no native way in Outlook or in Word to do this. However, you can use the Mail Merge Toolkit add-in from MAPILab which adds this functionality (discount code: 4PM76A8).

The add-in fully integrates with the built-in Mail Merge Wizard of Word and allows you to specify one or multiple attachments to be send out with your mailing. The attachments can also be based on a field variable so that you can send out personalized attachments to each individual in one mailing.

Default Mail Merge options in Word.
Default Mail Merge send options in Word.

The Mail Merge Toolkit from MAPILab allows you to send out a mail merge with attachments.
Additional send options with the Mail Merge Toolkit from MAPILab also allows you to send out a personal attachment in one mailing.

Mailing script

VBS Script buttonAnother way to do this would be to use a script which will add the attachment after the merge has completed. For this, you’ll need to put Outlook in Offline mode while doing the mail merge so you can manipulate the merged messages which are being held in the Outbox folder. An example for such a script can be found here.

Note 1: More information about doing a Mail Merge can be found in the Mail Merge guide.

Note 2: Other Mail Merge tools can be found here.

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