Add frequently used Message Templates to Outlook’s Jump List

When right clicking on a Taskbar icon, there is a menu (Jump List) which contains application specific actions and/or a Recent list.

For instance, the Jump List for Word, provides quick access to files I've recently used and allows me to pin files which I use on a regular basis. Outlook however, does not seem to keep such a Recent list.

Is it possible to also get a "Recent items" list in the Jump List of Outlook for easy access to saved message templates?

Ping Message Template (oft-file) buttonThe Jump List is the menu that you get when you right click on an icon in the Taskbar. Another place where you can see the Jump List in Windows 7 is in the shortlist of programs in the Start Menu. In Windows 10, you’ll see it when right clicking on an application in the Start Menu. The Jump List can hold various application specific actions.

For Outlook, Jump Lists are also a great way to get easy access to saved messages (msg and eml-files) and message templates and forms (oft-files) or any other file that can be opened with Outlook.

Recent items

The Recent list will automatically show any saved file that you opened with Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007. You can then easily re-open any of the listed files by right clicking on the Outlook icon and select that file.

When you use Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016, you might have noticed that these versions don’t have a Recent list in the Jump List. This is most likely done to prevent confusion since the Recent list only works for externally saved messages or templates and not for items that are stored within Outlook itself. You can still use the “Pin” feature explained below for easy access to saved templates and other Outlook items.

Jump List Outlook 2007
Pinned and Recent items in the Outlook 2007 Jump List.

Manually pin items

Aside listing recent items, you can also Pin an item to the Jump List so it will always be listed there. To do this, simply drag & drop a saved oft, msg or eml file onto the Outlook icon in the Taskbar. When you now right click on the Outlook icon, you’ll see a Pinned section which holds the link to the file.

Pinning a message to the Jump List
Drag and drop the message onto the Outlook icon in the Windows Taskbar to pin it.

Remove items

To remove a recent or pinned item from the Jump List, right click on the item in the Jump List and choose “Remove from this list” or “Unpin from this list”. You can also unpin an item by pressing the Push Pin next to the item.

Unpinning a message to the Jump List
Unpin an item via the Push Pin or a right click.

Note: To configure Outlook to open eml-files, see this previous tip; Opening eml-files with Outlook

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