Prevent Reply to All

I want to send a message to a large group, but I don't want them to be able to "Reply All". I know if I us the "Bcc" field this will work, but I want the group to know who has received the message. I just don't want a barage of "Reply All" messages.

Is there a way to disable this function for a particular email?

It’s not possible to disable this at individual email level as the “Reply to All” method is a feature of the receiving mail client and not of the email itself.

However, an easy and fail proof way to “disarm” the Reply to All feature on a message is to place all the addresses in the BCC field.

To still inform them that the message has been sent to others, copy all the addresses from the BCC field and paste them in the body of the message as an FYI.

They can now still press the Reply to All button but it would behave the same as the Reply button and won’t include the entire group.

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