Calendar (2)

Since recently my calendar shows (2) behind it in blue.

Did I somehow copy my calendar? I cannot rename it back either.

The number in blue between parenthesis behind the Calendar folder indicates the amount of unread items in it.

Usually you get an unread item notification when you import a vcs or ical file you got sent as an email attachment or downloaded from a website.

If you don’t care about which items these are, then you can simply right click on the Calendar folder and choose “Mark All as Read”.

Find the unread item

If you do want to find out which items these are, then you can do so in the following way;

  • Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007
    Type the following search query in the search box; read:no
  • All Outlook versions
    1. Open Advanced Find (keyboard shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+F)
    2. Select the tab: More Choices
    3. Set the option: Only items that are unread
    4. Start the search by pressing the button “Find Now”.