Insert picture directly from scanner or camera

When I had Word set as my email editor, I had the option to directly insert a picture from a scanner or camera via the Insert menu. That option is now gone after I have switched to Outlook 2007/2010.

Is there any way to get this functionality back?

Insert Scan buttonThe feature still exists in Outlook 2007 although it is quite a bit more hidden and only part of the Microsoft Clip Organizer now.

In Outlook 2010, the option to open the Microsoft Clip Organizer from within Outlook has been removed but you can still open it via the Start Menu;
Start-> All Programs-> Microsoft Office-> Microsoft Office 2010 Tools

Insert a scanned image via the Microsoft Office Clip Organizer

  1. Create a new message and select the Insert tab.
  2. Press the Clip Art button.
  3. In the Clip Art pane choose the Organize clips… link at the bottom.
  4. In the Microsoft Clip Organizer dialog that pops up, choose File-> Add Clips to Organizer-> From Scanner or Camera…
  5. In the dialog select the scanner that you want to use and the quality and then press the Insert button.
  6. When the scan has completed, close the Microsoft Clip Organizer dialog.
  7. Back in the Outlook message, type “scan” in the “Search for:” field of the Clip Art pane.
    (scanned imaged are automatically tagged with the word “scan”)
  8. Click on the scanned image to insert it.

Outlook 2013 and later

The Microsoft Office Clip Organizer is no longer available in Office 2013 and later.

To insert a scanned image or take a picture and insert into the message body, you’ll have to save it to disk first and use the regular Insert-> Picture or Attach File commands when composing a message.

For other methods, also see; Email scanned document directly as an attachment.

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