Rename your email accounts

I have multiple email accounts configured in Outlook. By default, Outlook seems to name them after my email address which is quite long.

For all accounts, the first part is just my name and only the domain part is different (one from, one from Gmail and one from my company’s domain).

Can I shorten this to for instance “” or “Gmail” or even make them a bit more descriptive like “personal” and “business”?

You can change the display name for any account in the mail account configuration screen.

Note: Outlook 2003 and previous name the accounts after your mail server name and when you have multiple accounts added from the same provider a number is appended between brackets like: (2)

  1. Open the account configuration window;
    • Outlook 2000 in Corporate/Workgroup mode (CW mode)
      Tools-> Services…
    • Outlook 2000 in Internet Mail Only mode (IMO mode)
      Tools-> Accounts…
    • Outlook 2002/XP and Outlook 2003
      Tools-> E-mail Accounts…-> Select the option to view your configured email accounts.
    • Outlook 2007
      Tools-> Accounts…
    • Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
      File-> section Info-> Account Settings-> Account Settings…
  2. Double click the account that you want to change the display name for.
  3. Press the “More Settings…” button.
  4. Here change the name for your account.
  5. “OK” and “Next” yourself out of the open dialogs to return to the main Outlook window.

Rename your account to make it shorter or more meaningful to you.
Rename your account to make it shorter or more meaningful to you.

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