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Delete or Hide the Clutter folder

I’ve been trying out the Clutter feature over the past weeks but I decided that it is not really helpful to me. I already move many of my emails by rules and I can handle the remaining emails that end up in my Inbox folder so needing to check a second folder sometimes is actually more annoying.

I’ve already disabled the Clutter feature and I’ve deleted the Clutter folder in Outlook too but it keeps coming back.

How can I completely get rid of the Clutter folder?

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Backing up and Restoring Quick Steps

I’ve created quite a few Quick Steps in Outlook 2013 on my Windows 7 computer with various template replies and actions. I now have a new Windows 11 computer with Outlook 365 on it.

How do I copy the Quick Steps from one computer to the other?

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Backing up and restoring the AutoComplete cache of Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365

When I was still using Outlook 2007, I could back up my AutoComplete cache by copying the nk2-file and then reuse it on another computer.

Now that I’m on Office 365, I no longer have this file but the AutoComplete feature still works.

Where is the AutoComplete being cached now and how can I back it up in a way that I can also restore it in the future when needed?

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Cannot turn off the Out of Office Assistant / Automatic Replies

Before my holidays I turned on Automatic Replies but now I cannot turn it off anymore.

Is there any other way to disable it again?

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Backup add-in remembers old location

I’ve use the Personal Folders Backup add-in to regularly back-up my pst-files. I’ve recently changed my backup location and also configured the backup add-in to use that new location. However, it still is looking for the old location which no longer exists.

How can I make the back-up add-in no longer look for this location?

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Don’t risk losing your Contacts and Calendar when using IMAP in Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, or Office 365

I'm using an IMAP account in Outlook as part of Office 365 and I noticed that various folders now have "This computer only" behind them. These folders I indeed cannot find back on the server.

This includes my Calendar and Contacts folder as well which I really cannot afford to lose.

What is the proper way to back them up?

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Changing the name of an mailbox in Outlook 2013

I’ve added my mailbox to Outlook 2013 as an Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) account. In the Navigation Pane, the display mailbox of the mailbox is the full email address of my account.

Because my email address is quite long, it gets truncated with “…”. Preferably, I just want it to show my first name since it is my personal account.

Is there any way I can rename or otherwise shorten this mailbox name?

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Sorting contacts by Company; (none) listed twice

Since recently, I’ve switched the view of my Contacts folder to the Phone List view and arranged that view to group the contacts by Company name.

This works great for the contacts for which I’ve defined a company name. However, the contacts for which I haven’t defined a company name are separated in two groups which are both called “Company: (none)”.

Why is this happening and how can I get all these contacts listed in a single “none” group?

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View all Outlook Social Connector status update messages

I use the Outlook Social Connector but most of the status update message from my contacts go unnoticed since you only really see them when you receive a message.

There are various contacts that I only “follow” and not regularly receive messages from. While I could open the contact or find an old message from these contacts to see all their updates, I was wondering;

Is there also a way to list all status updates of all contacts together?

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Changing the display name of a mailbox or pst-file

When I look at my Outlook folder list on the left, I see most of my mailboxes are named after the email addresses that they receive emails for. I also have a pst-file that is called “My Outlook Data File”.

These names are quite long and thus get truncated unless I widen the Folder Pane. Especially since some of my mailboxes only differ in the domain part, I prefer to shorten or otherwise customize these mailbox names.

How can I change the names for my mailboxes and pst-file?

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