View non-adjacent days/weeks side by side

Sometimes when discussing a date for an appointment, the days are not in the same week and I find myself going back and forth within the calendar to find a suitable time.

Is there any way I can capture these days in a single overview?

There is a neat little trick to make selections of non-adjacent days or weeks by using the Date Navigator in the Calendar Navigation (so not in the To-Do Bar).

Selecting non-adjacent days

Date Navigator with multiple non-adjeacent days selected.To select a set of days, hold the CTRL button on your keyboard while clicking on the days within the Date Navigator with your mouse.

This way, you can select up to 14 individual days to show up side by side in a Day/Week view.

To clear your selection, simply let go of the CTRL key and click on any date in the Date Navigator.

Selecting non-adjacent weeks

Date Navigator with multiple non-adjeacent weeks selected.Similarly, when you click on the week numbers in front of the Date Navigator while holding the CTRL button, you will select entire weeks.

You can select up to 6 individual weeks this way which will be shown in a Month view.

When you don’t have week numbers enabled, then click a few pixels in front of the first date of the week. You’ll know that your mouse is in the correct position when the mouse pointer suddenly mirrors (points to the right instead of the left).