Combined weeks in Date Navigator annoyance

In the calendar view of Outlook 2010 and also in Outlook 2013, there is a Navigation Pane on the left side with a Monthly Calendar shown at the top. If you select the first week of that calendar and some days of that week are in the previous month, that monthly calendar automatically switches to the previous month.

This behavior is irritating as it is switching to another month. How can I make Outlook stay in the current month?

While you cannot fully counter this, you can improve the situation by expanding the Date Navigator area. You can expand the Date Navigator area by dragging down the horizontal bar under it. Drag it down until it shows 3 months.

Now, when you have the current month in the center, week days of the previous and next month will no longer be combined with the week numbers of the current month.  So when you were now to select the first week of a month, you’re focus will remain on that month instead of switching back to the previous month.

Expand Date Navigator area in Outlook 2010
In this situation, selecting the first week of December
will bring you back to the November calendar.

Expanded Date Navigator area in Outlook 2010 
After expanding the Date Navigator, when you select the first
week of December, the focus will remain on December.