View all days vertical

When I open the Calendar in Outlook 2003, (5 day view) I get a format where the days are organized in vertical columns. The 7 day view shows the calendar in horizontal boxes.

Is it possible to have a 7 day calendar with vertical columns such as in the 5 day view?

The 5 day view is actually a Work Day view. If you select all the days in your Calendar as work days, it will show all 7 days in vertical columns even when you are in the 5 day view. To select the working days go to;
Tools-> Options-> Calendar Options...

In Outlook 2007 you can directly show all the days of the week in vertical columns;

  • Right above the Calendar you’ll find tabs that say “Day”, “Week” and “Month”
  • Select “Week”
  • Next to the tabs, two radio buttons will appear.
    Select: Show full week

Note that there is a “funny” little bug in Outlook 2003 and previous when you are selecting 2 free days which are not next to each other. For instance, deselect Tuesday and Friday to indicate that these are not working days for you but select all the other days to indicate that these are working days. Outlook will still show you Tuesday and Friday in the Work Day view but doesn’t show Sunday, which you selected as a work day.
This bug has been corrected in Outlook 2007.