Synching Outlook message rules with accounts

I’m using an account in Outlook on multiple computers. I’ve created some rules to help me organize my emails but they only work on 1 computer unless I also recreate the rules on all the other computers.

Is there any way to sync all my Outlook rules with my account as well?

Manage Rules & Alerts buttonNo, you can’t sync rules created in Outlook with other Outlook clients when you are using an account.

Instead, depending on your rules, you could either create them directly on the website or export and import your rules in Outlook.

Creating your rules on

When you create your message rules on the website instead of in Outlook, the rules will be executes at server-level instead of at client-level.

This has 3 main benefits:

  • Rules will be executed even though Outlook is closed.
    This is great for forwarding actions or when you also access your mail with (mobile) applications which don’t support rules.
  • Rules don’t have to be recreated on each client.
  • Rules won’t get lost when you reconfigure or reset the account in Outlook.

Creating your rules on is really easy:

  1. Log on to the website.
  2. Click on the Gear icon in the top right corner next to your name.
  3. Choose: Manage Rules.
    • If you are already logged in to, this direct link to the Rules section should also work.
  4. Create your rule by pressing the New button.

Although the amount of rule conditions and actions to choose from on doesn’t really compare to what Outlook offers, it is enough for the most basic rules like moving or deleting emails coming from a specific address or when it contains specific words. also offers some useful rule conditions and actions which Outlook doesn’t have like moving/deleting messages after a certain amount of time has passed or executing commands on “not the latest” message in a conversation.

You can also easily add multiple conditions and apply multiple actions just like you can in Outlook by pressing the plus icon under the condition or action field.

Rule conditions and actions in (click on image to enlarge).
Rule conditions and actions in (click on image to enlarge).

Export and import your rules

If you are using some specific rules which can’t be recreated on, you can still choose to export your current rules to an rwz-file which you can then import in Outlook on your other computer. This rwz-file can of course also act as a backup copy of your rules for your current computer.

The process is described in detail here: Import/Export rules

Exporting your rules to an rwz-file is always recommendable for accounts since they would otherwise be lost when you would reconfigure or reset the account in Outlook, get a new computer or even when upgrading from a previous version of Outlook to Outlook 2013 as this will cause the mailbox to be reconfigured and re-cached as an Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) account.

The Options dialog of the Manage Rules and Alerts dialog allows you to Import and Export your Outlook rules (rwz-files).
Export your rules via the Options dialog of Rules & Alerts.

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