Synching Outlook message rules with accounts

I'm using an account in Outlook on multiple computers. I've created some rules to help me organize my emails but they only work on 1 computer unless I also recreate the rules on all the other computers.

Is there any way to sync all my Outlook rules with my account as well?

Manage Rules & Alerts buttonMessage rules created in Outlook for an account should already automatically sync to the service and make them available on other clients as well.

However, under certain configuration circumstance, the rules may not sync to or work on another client.

Verify your mailbox is configured as an Exchange account

Exchange Account buttonThe service supports various client connection protocols but offers the most functionality, including message rules synching, when it is configured as an Exchange account.

You can check this by going to;
File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings…-> tab: Email

The “Type” column should state; Microsoft Exchange.

If it doesn’t, you can remove your account and re-add it. It should automatically be added as an Exchange account now.

For more details, also see; Adding an account to Outlook.

Verify that you haven’t created a “Client Only” rule

This PC buttonAnother thing to verify is that the rule you have created doesn’t have the “on this computer only” condition specified.

This often happens when you are specifying an condition which can only take place on a certain computer or when Outlook is running.

For instance, when you have a rule which moves the message to a folder within a pst-file. As that pst-file reference is unique for the Mail Profile on that computer, it will not work on another computer.

For more info see; Client-side and server-side rules.

Verify that you have created the rule for the correct account buttonWhen you have multiple accounts configured, make sure you have your account selected when creating the rule.

To prevent any mistakes, it is best to select the Inbox folder of your mailbox first before going to File-> Manage Rules & Alerts.

At the top of the Rules and Alerts dialog, you’ll also see a dropdown list, indicating for which account you are creating the rule.

Rules and Alerts - Apply changes to the folder
When you have multiple accounts configured which can store message rules, you’ll see a dropdown list to select which mailbox(es) it should apply.