Send meeting reminders to non-responders

I've sent out a meeting invitation but not everybody has responded yet.
Is there any way to send them a reminder to respond?

Preferably they should be able to directly respond from that message as they might have "misplaced" their original invitation.

Send Metting Reminder buttonSending people a reminder about still needing to respond to a meeting invitation is unfortunately not a direct feature within Outlook or Teams.

However, you can still achieve this in a half-automatic way. The only thing you’d have to do is filter which people you want to send the reminder to.

Quick method: Forward the meeting to original invitees

Forward Meeting buttonWhen you forward the meeting from your Calendar, you will create a new email with the calendar details directly under the message header.

Any recipients of this email will receive it as a meeting request item, which they can accept/decline, instead of a regular email.

  1. Select the meeting that you want to send a reminder for in your Calendar.
  2. Forward the meeting.
    • Keyboard shortcut; CTRL+F
    • Ribbon
      You can find the Forward button on the Meeting tab in the Actions group.
    • Context Menu
      Right click the meeting in your Calendar and choose: Forward.
    • Important!
      Do NOT choose Forward as iCalendar.
  3. To quickly address this message, copy and paste the To string from the quoted message body. Since they are separated by a semicolon ( ; ) already, they should resolve directly to the correct addresses if you only see names there.
    • Pro Tip!
      If you open the original meeting, you can also copy and paste the invitees from the Required and/or Optional line from there to guarantee that the addresses will be resolved correctly.
  4. Remove the addresses of the people that you do not wish to send a reminder to and then type your reminder text.
    • Pro Tip!
      If there are a lot of invitees and you want to filter out who has responded already, see below how you can use Excel to filter those.

Forwarding meeting request as reminder
Copy the addresses from the original invite to quickly readdress the reminder email.

Note: To see who has and who hasn’t responded to a meeting request yet, open the meeting from your Calendar by double clicking on it and select the Tracking tab.

Optional: Filter invitees using the Tracking results and Excel

Excel buttonIf you’ve invited a lot people to your meeting, manually filtering is probably not the way to go. Luckily, you can quickly filter the responses via Excel as well.

  1. Open the meeting from your Calendar.
  2. Select the Tracking tab.
  3. Click: Copy Status to Clipboard.
  4. Paste the results into Excel.
  5. Enable the Filter function within Excel;
    Home-> Sort & Filter-> Filter
  6. Filter the Response column as desired;
    • Show only “None”.
    • Show “None” and “Tentative”.
  7. Copy the names from the filtered Name column.
    • Important!
      Do NOT include the column header itself.
  8. Paste the names into the To line of the email reminder. The names will resolve automatically or otherwise click “Check Names” or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+K to resolve the names to addresses via your Address Book.

Filtering Meeting Tracking responses in Excel.
Filtering Meeting Tracking responses in Excel.

Note: For very large meetings, the Tracking overview may be unreliable.

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