Manual meeting responds tracking

On occasion, it could happen that message tracking is not working correctly and responses are not automatically recorded in Outlook. You could still process and track those responses manually then to still have an up-to-date reference on who is coming and who is not.

This method also works for when you got an answer to a meeting invitation via telephone, at the water cooler or via any other means besides Outlook.

The way it works is quite easy;

  1. Open the meeting from your calendar and select the Tracking section.
  2. Click on response field of the attendee.
  3. From the drop down list, manually select the responds;
    • Accepted
    • Declined
    • Tentative
    • None

Manual meeting responds tracking
Easily track responses from people who did not respond via email.

Voting responses

Sadly, this method does not work for voting messages. So if people want to make their vote count (in Outlook), they will have to reply via the voting email.

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