Outlook 2016 and Exchange support

I’m thinking about giving Outlook 2016 a try but I know we are not using the latest version of Exchange.

  • Which versions of Exchange does Outlook 2016?
  • How can I check which version I’m currently using?
  • How do I configure an Exchange account in Outlook 2016?

Exchange 2013 buttonAs a general rule of thumb, any version of Outlook supports 5 different Exchange versions;

  • 2 previous versions of Exchange
  • its corresponding Exchange version
  • 2 future versions of Exchange

So Outlook 2016 will support;

  • Exchange 2010
  • Exchange 2013
  • Exchange 2016
  • Exchange vNext 1
  • Exchange vNext 2

Determine your current Exchange version

To determine your current version of Exchange from within Outlook see: Which Exchange version am I using?

Note: When you are using Exchange 2007 and already upgraded to Outlook 2016 and need to downgrade to Outlook 2013 as part of Office 365 see KB3093039 when you are an Office 365 Personal, Office 365 Home or Office 365 University subscriber. Office 365 for Business subscribers can downgrade via the Office 365 Download Software page and choose for Office 2013 by clicking on the “Change” link next to the language choice.

Configuring an Exchange account in Outlook 2016

Add Exchange Mailbox buttonThe option to manually configure an Exchange account has been removed in Outlook 2016. This was a legacy configuration screen that was only needed for Exchange 2003 and previous and didn’t really serve a purpose anymore for later versions of Exchange.

Instead of using the manual configuration use the Auto Account Setup wizard. All you have to do is provide your name, email address and password and your Exchange account will be configured by the settings that are being pushed from the Autodiscover service of Exchange.

When Auto Account Setup fails, contact your Exchange administrator as it would indicate a configuration issue with the Autodiscover service in the Exchange environment.

Proper configuration of the Autodiscover and Outlook Anywhere service can be tested via the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

For more information about configuring the Autodiscover and Outlook Anywhere service see: Autodiscover: Some quick methods to get it working.

Add Account - Auto Account Setup dialog (click on image to enlarge)
Don’t make it any harder for yourself than needed; Use the Auto Account Setup instead of the manual configuration when trying to connect to Exchange. (click on image to enlarge)

Exchange versions and Outlook support

Exchange support works in the same way, so Exchange 2016 will no longer support Outlook 2007.

The only exception to this is when you are connecting to an Office 365 Exchange 2016 server. In that case, Outlook 2007 is currently still supported when you have at least the August 2013 CU installed (Outlook version: 12.0.6680.5000). The latest version of Outlook 2007 is 12.0.6691.5000 (April 2014 CU).

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