Showing icons in To-Do List

I know the To-Do List contains all tasks and flagged items. However, from the To-Do List in the To-Do Bar, I cannot directly see what kind of item I'm dealing with; a task, mail or contact.

The To-Do List in the Tasks section shows the difference via an icon.
Can I make this icon visible in the To-Do Bar as well?

When you hover on an item in the To-Do List, a Tooltip will show more information about the item including in which folder it is located. If you want a more direct and visible indication of the type of item, then you can also customize the view of the To-Do List in the To-Do Bar to include the task, mail or contact icon as well;

  1. Right click on the column header which is labeled “Arrange By”.
  2. From the context menu choose; Custom…
  3. In the dialogs that pops-up click on the button; Fields…
  4. In the “Available fields” column select; Icon
  5. Press the “Add ->” button.
  6. Select the just added “Icon” field in the right column and press the “Move Up” button until it is listed all the way at the top.
  7. Press OK and OK again to close the open dialogs and to apply the changes.

icons and Tooltip in To-Do List
Icons and Tooltip in To-Do List

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