Adding attendees and sending reminders

When setting up or editing a meeting, is there a way to control who will be sent meeting invitations to?

Whenever you create or make changes to a meeting request, Outlook will want to send out meeting invites or updates to the attendees. Depending on your meeting changes, you can overrule this on a per attendee basis or for added/removed attendees only.

Setting mailing options for meeting

When you create a new meeting or open your Meeting appointment from the Calendar, you’ll see a Scheduling and a Tracking button/tab to invite new people or to see their responds. In front of the name you’ll see a selection button or a mail icon. You can use this to send out a meeting request or not for that particular contact.

  • If this is a new person, then disabling this selection will not send out any request, nor will this person receive any updates later.
  • When this person had already been added before and meeting requests have been sent out, then disabling this selection will send out a meeting cancellation to that person.

Personally, I find this last behavior a bit weird since the meeting won't be actually cancelled for this person. So you really should not use this method for resending meeting invitations to non-responders and to filter out who has responded already. If you want to do that, use this method instead.

Outlook 2003 - Send or don't send meeting request to this attendeed.
In Outlook 2003 the option is hidden behind an icon which holds a selection list.

Outlook 2007 - Send or don't send meeting request to this attendeed.
In Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, you can simply disable the selection box.

Adding/removing attendees

If all you do is changing the attendees for a meeting request, then Outlook will ask you if it should send out the meeting update to all attendees or to send out invites/cancellations to the people who have been added/removed only.

Sending meeting updates to added or removed attendees
Sending meeting updates to added or removed attendees.

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