Keyboard responds slow

Suddenly I experience a long delay between pressing a key and the display on screen. This only occurs in Outlook 2003. All other Office programs and Internet forms work fine. I changed from HTML to Rich Text and it still slows down. Then it works perfect for a while then starts slowing down again. The only way I can use it consistently is to make Word my text editor, which I do not want.

I have defragged, cleaned my hard drive, cleared history and cache, and rebooted several times, but the problem persists. Any ideas? I have used this since the release of Office 2003 with no problem.

Outlook 2003 and previous use Internet Explorer to render HTML. A security update for IE sports a new anti-phishing mechanism that also scans the sites listed in Restricted Zones. Sadly, due to Outlook's IE dependency, it will check it for Outlook too while composing new emails EVERY TIME you type a character. This can result in poor performance in Outlook if you have a lot of sites added to your restricted zone.

Microsoft is aware of this issue. The current workaround is to keep the amount of sites listed in the Restricted Sites Zone to a minimum or to set Word as your email editor.

To see which sites you have listed in the Restricted Sites Zone go to;
Control Panel-> Internet Options-> tab Security-> select Restricted sites-> button Sites

Interet Options - Restricted sites
Too many sites in the Restricted sites zone can slow down Outlook 2003.

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