Internet Explorer crashes when using OWA

I use Outlook Web Access to access my work email from home. When I access the webmail everything works fine. However, when I try and send an email from webmail the entire program shuts down and reboots my Internet Explorer.

How can I prevent this crash from happening?

It sounds like you are using Internet Explorer 7 or later with OWA 2003 and have the S/MIME Control installed. To get things working directly, you'll have to uninstall the S/MIME Control from your machine. It is listed in the software list as; Microsoft Outlook Web Access S/MIME

To be able to use S/MIME Control again, contact your mail administrator and ask him/her to apply update KB924334 to the Exchange 2003 server.

After this you can install the S/MIME Control again from the OWA Options screen.

OWA 2003 - E-mail Security - Click here to install the latest version of the S/MIME Control. When the file download dialog appears, choose Open.
Updating the S/MIME Control stops OWA crashing IE7 or later.

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