Saving received Notes

I've received a couple of Notes as an email attachment. How can I save these in my own Notes folder?

When I double click to open it, I don't have any save options and Save Attachments... only allows me to save it to a folder on my computer.

You can drag and drop the received Note attachment directly onto the Notes folder to save it.

When you are in the Mail Navigation, you won’t see the Notes folder but you will see the Notes icon at the bottom to select the Notes Navigation. When you drop it on this icon, it will be stored in your default Notes folder.

When you have multiple Notes folders, then you can hover on the Notes Navigation icon for a second and then you’ll see all your Notes folders. Drop it on the folder where you like to store the Note. After you drop the Note, Outlook will directly go back to your original Navigation view again.

If you need a bigger target area, then you can also double click the message to open it in its own window, select the Notes folder and then drag the Notes attachment from the message and drop it in the Notes overview area of your Notes folder.

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