Reading long Notes

I'm using Notes a lot and usually also have quite long notes. There seems to be no scrolling bar for a Note window and I often find myself resizing the note or walk through it with my cursor keys.

Is there a way to enable the scrollbar or any other way to read long notes more easily?

Note Item windows do not have a scrollbar, but there are several ways you can deal with longer notes more easily


You can maximize a Note window by double clicking the colored bar between the note icon on the top left and the Close (X) button at the top right.
Double click the bar again to resize it to its original size.

Page Up/Page Down key

You can use the Page Up and the Page Down key on your keyboard to jump through the note quicker than by using the arrow keys.

Enable Reading Pane

While this still doesn’t give you a scroll bar, it will give you a larger reading area by default to reduce some double clicking to open and maximize/resize the Note window. Page Up/Page Down works in the Reading Pane as well.
To open the Reading Pane for a Notes folder use View-> Reading Pane

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