Save custom voting answers

We use custom voting options internally quite a bit (at least once a day to decide where to have lunch and/or dinner).

This works great aside from the fact that we need to key in all the answers each time. They usually are more or less the same each time though.

Is there a way to save these custom answers in a way that we can reuse them?

Button Use Voting ButtonsThe options that you add when creating a new email cannot be saved in such a way that they will show up on any new email message.

However, when you have entered all the voting responses to your message, you can save the message as a template (oft-file) which you can later open and use again by simply double clicking the saved file instead of pressing the New button.

Extra Tip: For easy access to the template you can also create a shortcut to it in the Shortcuts Navigation or via customized toolbars (see section: Link to External Programs, files or web pages).

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