Send files and report updates automatically

My work involves updating a spreadsheet with new information and then send out this updated spreadsheet directly to several customers. At the end of the week, I also have to send them the latest report.

The way I do this now is by using a draft message which is pre-addressed already. Once I'm done updating, I open a copy of this draft, add the latest spreadsheet as an attachment and send it out.

For the report I do something similar and have a recurring task reminder set at the end of the week to remind me to send it out.

Since this is a very large part of my work (I update multiple spreadsheets and send out multiple reports), the Outlook process is rather cumbersome. Is there any way I can skip a few steps in this process?

Recurring Email buttonI think you’ve about covered it when it comes to standard Outlook options.

However, there are several add-ins and code samples which can come in useful.

Automatically send updated files

MAPILab Toolbox buttonWhen it comes to sending files automatically directly to certain people after you have updated it, you can use a 3rd party tool called MAPILab Toolbox. This add-in for Outlook contains a component called File Send Automatically which monitors the file for changes.

Whenever a change occurs to a monitored file, it is automatically sent out with a message template you created. There is also a delay function in case you only saved the file in between and then continue working on it.

Note: There are 19 other components in the MAPILab Toolbox. You can find an overview of these components here. If you decide to order, use 4PM76A8 to get a discount.

Schedule recurring emails with PowerShell

PowerShell buttonWhen it comes to sending out a certain report on a specific day, you can use a combination of PowerShell, an oft-template and the Windows Task Scheduler.

For a guide with the required PowerShell code and step-by-step instructions see; Schedule a recurring email with Outlook and PowerShell.

Schedule recurring emails with an add-in

Add-Ins buttonAnother way to do it would be to use a 3rd party add-in. In the same MAPILab Toolbox there is another component included called Email Scheduler which allows you to create a message with a recurrence pattern, just like you can do with an appointment. It can also retrieve the report from a preset location or send all the files within a certain folder.

Other tools which also allow you to send a certain email with a specific attachment at a preset time are;

Sperry Software
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