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Search Folder for all Meeting related messages

I organize and attend quite a few meetings with somewhat larger groups and I therefor receive a lot of “Calendar messages” like meeting requests, accept, decline, canceled messages, new time proposals, etc…

I tend to ignore these during the day to get some work done and because Outlook processes most of them automatically anyway.

However, at set times, I still want to go through these messages, especially to process the feedback that some people give in their reply and to process the new time proposals.

Is there any way I can quickly filter or otherwise search my mailbox so I will only see all these “Calendar messages”?

Meeting Messages Search Folder buttonThe easiest approach in this case would be to create a Search Folder which searches for a specific Message Class.

A Message Class in Outlook determines what type of message it is. All Meeting related messages are part of the IPM.Schedule.Meeting class for which you can create a filter condition.

Creating the Meeting Messages Search Folder

Follow the steps below to create a Search Folder with an Advanced Filter based on the Message Class for Meeting Messages.

  1. Create a new Search Folder:
    • Keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+P
    • Outlook 2007
      File-> New Search Folder
    • Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
      tab Folder-> button New Search Folder
  2. In the dialog that pops-up, scroll to the bottom and choose: Create a custom Search Folder
  3. Press the “Choose…” button.
  4. Name the Search Folder.
    For instance: Meeting Messages
  5. Press the “Criteria…” button.
  6. Select the “Advanced” tab
  7. Type the following in the fields below:
    • Field: Message Class
    • Condition: contains
    • Value: IPM.Schedule.Meeting
  8. Press the “Add to List” button.
  9. Press OK until all open dialogs are closed.

Add Search Folder criteria to find all Meeting messages.
Add Search Folder criteria to find all Meeting messages.

Note: Deleting invites will not remove the tentatively accepted meeting from the Calendar, you’ll need to decline it instead. For more information see: Deleting a Meeting Invitation doesn’t delete the Meeting itself from the Calendar.

Filter your View

Filter buttonIf you don’t like to be distracted from all these meeting messages in your Inbox folder, you can also apply a filter to your view.

This works pretty much in the same way but you then use the condition doesn’t contain.

  1. Open the View Settings dialog:
    • Outlook 2007 and previous
      View-> Arrange By-> Custom…
    • Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
      tab View-> button: View Settings
  2. Press the “Filter…” button.
  3. Select the “Advanced” tab.
  4. Type the following in the fields below:
    • Field: Message Class
    • Condition: doesn’t contain
    • Value: IPM.Schedule.Meeting
  5. Press OK until all open dialogs are closed.

View Filter criteria to exclude Meeting Messages from your view.
The View Filter criteria is slightly different from the Search Folder criteria.

Note: To quickly apply the View Filter to multiple folders see Applying custom views to all folders at once.

Search query

If you want to do a quick search query based on the message class, use the following search query:


Since both “schedule” and “meeting” are pretty unique for the message class, you can also shorten this to one of the following to get the same results:


Search query messagesclass:ipm.schedule.meeting

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