Quickly open folders via Quick Steps

This is another one of my favorite "hidden" features in Outlook;

You probably know already that you can move emails by using Quick Steps but did you also know that you can use that very same Quick Step to open and go to that folder?

Quick Steps buttonThe trick here is easy;
Right click on the Quick Step and you’ll see a “Go to <folder name>” command which takes you directly to the folder it normally moves the messages to.

With this simple trick, you can quickly access the folder without the need to browse for it or add it to the Favorites section.

It is great for those times when you realize that it is about time that you actually look into that folder again or to correct a wrongly moved email.

A right click on a "Move To Folder" Quick Step offers you to go to that folder.
A right click on a “Move To Folder” Quick Step offers you to go to that folder.

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