Junk E-mail Filter settings for multiple accounts

I’ve added a couple of addresses to my Safe Senders, Safe Recipients and Blocked Senders lists and also increased the filtering level to High.

This works great for my main email account in Outlook but it doesn’t seem to work for my other accounts. Even emails from addresses that are on my Blocked Senders list aren’t being filtered.

How can I enable the Junk E-mail Filter for my other accounts as well?

Junk E-mailIn Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013, Junk E-mail settings are stored on a per-account basis.

This means that Junk E-mail settings and lists that you create for one account, don’t apply to other accounts but need to be set individually.

Select the Inbox folder

To set the Junk E-mail Filter settings for another account, you must first select the Inbox folder or another folder of that mailbox before using any of the commands in the Junk menu on the Ribbon.

When you select the Junk E-mail Options… command, the name of the account that it applies to is shown in the Title Bar of the dialog that opens.

The Title Bar exposes the account for which you are setting the Junk E-mail Options.
The Title Bar exposes the account for which you are setting the Junk E-mail Options.

Export / Import Safe and Blocked lists

Junk E-mail - Import from File... | Export to File...The benefit of this configuration is that you can set your filters more aggressive for one account (for instance one with a public address) and less aggressive for another (your private account).

A downside is of course that when you want to add some addresses to your Blocked and Safe Lists of both accounts, you need to add them twice (or even more depending on your amount of accounts).

If you want to use the same Safe and Blocked lists for all your accounts, you can use the “Export to File…” and “Import from File…” buttons on each tab to copy over these lists more quickly (and maintain a backup).

For your Safe Senders lists, another way to go would be to add them to your Contacts folder and set the option: Also trust e-mail from my Contacts.

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