Outlook Social Connector Update interval

I really like the Outlook Social Connector and I use it in conjunction with your Social Media Updates Search Folder tip to quickly see what my contacts have been up to lately.

However, I noticed that this info isn't always fully up-to-date.

How often does the Outlook Social Connector check for new updates and is there a way to change this interval or force an update similar to pressing Send/Receive to check for new emails?

Outlook Social Connector UpdatesThe Outlook Social Connector checks for new activities every 60 minutes by default.

While you can’t force an update by pressing Send/Receive, you can however modify this synching behavior by setting the ActivitySyncInterval Registry value.

ActivitySyncInterval Registry value

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\SocialConnector
Value name: ActivitySyncInterval
Value type: REG_DWORD

The value you set is in minutes.

Change it without going into the Registry

To quickly set the OSC sync interval to 15 minutes without going into the Registry yourself, you can also download and apply the Registry file included in the zip-file below.

Download: osc-syncinterval.zip