Not all contacts synching with phone

I installed the sync application for my phone and the sync appears to be working as my e-mail, calendar and photo's came over correctly. The only issue I have is that not all contacts were synched with Outlook.

Why are some contacts skipped and how can I sync all my contacts with Outlook?

A probable cause is that  those contacts are stored on your SIM card and not your phone itself. Many synching applications are not able to sync the contacts that are located on the SIM card.

Move contact to phone storage

To have all your contacts sync with Outlook, you’ll have to move those contacts from the SIM card storage to your phone’s storage. How you need to do this exactly depends on your phone manufacturer an model but usually you’ll find an option such a “SIM Management” in the Contacts section of your phone.

Recreate the contact

Recreating the contact is also an option as usually the default is to create any new contact on the phone’s memory instead of on the SIM card. Another option would be to recreate the contact in Outlook and the synching application will automatically copy it to your phone.

If not all contacts from Outlook are synching to your phone, it usually is because of a pst-file corruption and you’ll need to repair your pst-file with the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe).