Sync Outlook with a Smartphone or Tablet

How can I sync my Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks in Outlook with my Smartphone and Tablet?

Sync Smartphone buttonNowadays, that depends more on the mail account type that you are using as most phones and mail apps only allow “over the air sync”.

In some cases, you can use a local software application to sync your phone directly with your computer or from another phone.

Over the air sync

What? buttonIn an ever more connected world with Cloud based computing and people owning multiple mobile devices, the trend is to move away from syncing mobile devices with Outlook via local synchronization software and towards “over the air sync”.

Over the air sync basically means that your mobile device is using its data plan or WiFi capabilities to directly synchronize itself with the mail server rather than via locally installed software and a USB cable.


POP3 Account buttonYou can configure your POP3 account to leave a copy on the server to receive new emails on multiple devices. As a POP3 account can only download from the Inbox folder on the mail server, you won’t be actually synchronizing anything.

However, often mail providers offer both access via POP3 and IMAP. It is also quite easy to switch to without losing your current address but still enable syncing.


IMAP Account buttonIf you are only interested in syncing your emails, configuring both Outlook and your smartphone and/or tablet with an IMAP account will do.

Syncing your Calendar and Contacts via IMAP is not possible as the protocol doesn’t support it.

Exchange ActiveSync

Exchange Active Sync Account buttonVarious mail services also offer Exchange ActiveSync support which is capable of synchronizing E-mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks folders.

On the Outlook side, you often require to install an additional connector to also be able to sync it with Outlook:

Note: You can switch to the email service and keep your current email address as well if you do not want to switch to an address.

Exchange and

Exchange Account buttonIf your mailbox is hosted on an Exchange server, there is no need to install anything.

Outlook can directly connect to Exchange mailboxes.

On your smartphone or tablet you can connect via your Mail app with Exchange ActiveSync or use the Outlook app for Android or iOS to sync your mailbox.

Sync software

Download buttonBelow are links for software provided by some popular mobile phone brands and mobile operating systems.

The provided software either allows for Calendar and Contact sync from Outlook, data and media sync or some other additional functionality.

In most cases, transferring data is also possible by connecting the phone to your computer via a USB cable.

The “over the air sync only” entry means that the vendor didn’t supply any software but Outlook data can be synced directly via a Mail app.

iPhone and iPadiTunes or iCloud
Samsung Galaxy (Android)Smart Switch
Huawei (Android)HUAWEI HiSuite
HTC (Android)Over the air sync only
Nokia (Android)Over the air sync only
Nokia (Symbian)Over the air sync only
BlackBerry 7 and previousBlackBerry Desktop Software
BlackBerry 10 (Android)Over the air sync only
Motorola (Android)Over the air sync only
SonyOver the air sync only
OnePlusOver the air sync only
XiaomiOver the air sync only
Windows Phone
-Nokia Lumia
-and more
Over the air sync only
Windows MobileWindows XP: ActiveSync

Note: If you can't find the one for your phone or tablet, contact your phone/tablet supplier or cell phone carrier instead.

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