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Reminder bell for appointments in Calendar missing

Outlook 2003 and previous showed a bell icon on appointments that had a reminder set to it. This bell icon was (sadly) removed in Outlook 2007. I was happy to hear that the bell icon is back again in Outlook 2010.
Now I just upgraded to Outlook 2010 and I still don’t have the bell icon for my appointsments that have reminders set to it.

Is the bell icon really back and if so; how can I make it visible?

Yes, the bell icon is really back! It is disabled by default though but enabling the option is easy enough once you know where it is ;-)

  1. Open the Options dialog via; File-> Options
  2. Select the Calendar section on the left.
  3. In the Calendar Options section you’ll find the option;
    Show bell icon on the calendar for appointment and meetings with reminders

Show bell icon on the calendar for appointments and meetings with reminders (click on the image for full view of the Options dialog)
To show the bell icon in the calendar, you’ll have to enable the option first.
(click on the image for full view of the Options dialog)

Meeting with reminder bell icon
The bell icon is back!

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