Reopen last Outlook windows

I'm monitoring multiple mailboxes in Outlook and for this I open multiple Outlook windows so that I can easily switch between windows instead of needing to browse between folders. I usually have an additional Outlook window open for my Calendar as well.

I only found an option for a single startup folder. I guess I'm looking for an option similar to Internet Explorer where I can set up multiple Home Page folders or restoring my last browser session.

Is there anything similar in Outlook so that I can open all these folders automatically at startup?

Outlook does has something similar to this indeed but it is not directly configurable as a feature.

Instead of closing all your Outlook windows in order to close Outlook, choose File-> Exit instead.

Outlook will now remember all the folders that you had open at the time of closing Outlook and will reopen them when you launch Outlook again.

Note: It will only remember the open folder windows. Outlook will not remember and reopen any message or other item window that you had open at that time.

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