Password not remembered in Outlook XP on Vista/7

Since I’ve upgraded to Windows 7, Outlook 2002/XP is constantly prompting me for my password.

How can I make it remember my password?

The issue you have with Outlook 2002 is a known incompatibility issue with Outlook 2002 on Windows Vista and Windows 7. This issue won’t be addressed as Outlook 2002 is out of mainstream support (mainstream support for Office applications ends about 5 years after launch).

As long as you keep Outlook 2002 open it won’t prompt you for the password but as soon as you restart Outlook 2002, it will ask for your password(s) again.

Windows Vista and 7 can't remember your Outlook 2002/XP password.
Windows Vista and 7 can’t remember your Outlook 2002/XP password.

Note: Click here for more info when Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 on Windows Vista or Windows 7 doesn’t remember your password.

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