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Icons of configured rules

Looking at the symbols of my rules, I see several rules which have the hammer and wrench icon while others don’t.

What is the meaning of this icon and the other icons I see in the Rules and Alerts dialog?

Some actions have a unique symbol to indicate the action that is configured for the rule. For all other actions, the the hammer and wrench icon will be displayed.

Rules - New Item Alert icon Display the New Item Alert window
Rules - Play a sounds Play a sound
Rules - Move to folder Move to a specific folder
Rules - Copy to folder Copy to a specific folder
Rules - High importance Mark it as high importance
Rules - Low importance Mark it as low importance
Rules - Normal importance Mark it as normal importance
Rules - Flag Flag message for Follow Up
Rules - Delete Delete it (but not the "permanently delete it action")
Rules - Other Used for all other actions

Note: For an overview of the used icons for messages, tasks, calendar and other items, see this guide.

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