Exclude account from receiving (send only account)

I've got several POP3 accounts configured in Outlook. One account I only use for sending (someone else monitors the incoming messages and forwards it to the correct person and we reply with the general company account).

How can I tell Outlook not to include this account when receiving?

Send Only Account button

To configure a Send Only account, you must first configure it as any normal account.

Once you’ve completed setting up the account, you must modify your Send/Receive group configuration in the following way.

  1. Open the Send/Receive Groups dialog by pressing the CTRL+ALT+S keyboard shortcut or as an alternative use:
    • Outlook 2007
      Tools-> Options…-> tab Mail Setup-> button Send/Receive…
    • Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / Office 365
      File-> Options-> Advanced-> button Send/Receive…
  2. In the Send/Receive Groups dialog press the Edit… button.
  3. In the left section, select the account for which you want to modify the send/receive settings.
  4. In the Account Options section you can disable the option for “Receive mail items”.
  5. Press the OK button until you have closed all open dialogs.

Disabling the option to receive messages is also recommended when
you’ve configured an additional account to send from another network
or email alias (click on image to enlarge).

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