Undisclosed Recipients

I sometimes receive a mailing which shows "Undisclosed Recipients" in to To field. I want to send out a mailing myself now.

How can I also send out with "Undisclosed Recipients"?

This isn’t added by Outlook but by the mail server which is being used. In those cases, it is often added automatically when only BCC recipients are specified and when there are no addresses in the To field.

If the mail server you are using doesn’t support this, you can emulate it yourself with some easy steps:

  1. Create a new Contact with the name “Undisclosed Recipients”.
  2. Add your own email address to that contact.
  3. Make sure that the “Display As” field of the contact is set to “Undisclosed Recipients” as well (by default, the email address is added too).
  4. Save and close the contact.
  5. Create a new email and specify the newly created contact in the “To” field and all other recipients in the BCC field.

Sending an email to Undisclosed Recipients
Sending an email to “Undisclosed Recipients” is much easier than you might think.

Note: Going this route actually decreases the risk that the message will end up being marked as spam as well since otherwise the “To” field would be blank. To even further decrease the risk of your mailing ending up in the Junk E-mail folder of the recipient, use a Mail Merge instead.

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